Amerigo Reports Q2-2018 Financial Results

Amerigo Resources Ltd. (TSX:ARG)

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, July 31, 2018 / — July 31, 2018
N.R. 2018- 07

Amerigo Reports Q2-2018 Financial Results

• Cash of $6.4 million generated from operations
• Net income of $2.7 million
• Phase Two expansion commencing production in Q3-2018

Vancouver, British Columbia – July 31, 2018/CNW/ – Amerigo Resources Ltd. ("Amerigo" or the "Company") (TSX: ARG) announced today financial results for Q2-2018.

Rob Henderson, Amerigo’s President and CEO, stated “The strong financial performance achieved this quarter will bolster our efforts in executing the MVC expansion project. Commissioning of the new plant has started and MVC is on track for delivering a Q4-2018 production rate of 85 – 90 million pounds of copper per year at a cash cost of $1.45/lb.”

Amounts in this news release are reported in U.S. dollars except where indicated otherwise.

Amerigo’s financial performance was strong in Q2-2018

• Net income was $2.7 million (Q2-2017: net loss of $1.7 million).

• Earnings per share were $0.02 (Q2-2017: loss per share of $0.01).

• Cash flow generated from operations before changes in non-cash working capital was $6.4 million (Q2-2017: $4.5 million).

MVC’s average copper price in Q2-2018 was $3.16/lb

• MVC’s copper price was $3.16 per pound (“/lb”) (Q2-2017: $2.59/lb) and MVC’s molybdenum price was $11.51/lb (Q2-2017: $8.00/lb).

• Revenue was $33.0 million (Q2-2017: $29.9 million), including copper revenue of $29.2 million (Q2-2017: $25.5 million) and molybdenum and other revenue of $3.8 million (Q2-2017: $4.4 million).

• Copper revenue is calculated from MVC’s gross value of copper produced of $45.0 million (Q2-2017: $39.3 million) less notional items including DET royalties of $10.6 million (Q2-2017: $7.9 million), smelting and refining of $4.7 million (Q2-2017: $5.4 million) and transportation of $0.5 million (Q2-2017: $0.5 million).

• Amerigo remains fully leveraged to the price of copper.

• The provisional copper price used by MVC for Q2-2018 production was $3.16/lb. Final prices will be the average London Metal Exchange prices for July, August and September 2018 respectively. Financial performance is very sensitive to changes in copper prices. A 10% increase or decrease from the $3.16/lb price would result in a $4.9 million change in revenue in Q3-2018 in respect of Q2-2018 production.

Production and cash cost for Q2-2018 continued to be in line with guidance

• Q2-2018 production was 14.7 million pounds of copper (Q2-2017: 16.3 million pounds) and included 9.2 million pounds from Cauquenes (Q2-2017: 10.3 million pounds) and 5.5 million pounds from fresh tailings (Q2-2017: 5.4 million pounds).

• Molybdenum production was 0.4 million pounds, the same as in Q2-2017.

• Cash cost (a non-GAAP measure equal to the aggregate of smelting and refining charges, tolling/production costs net of inventory adjustments and administration costs, net of by-product credits.) before DET notional copper royalties and DET molybdenum royalties increased to $1.71/lb (Q2-2017: $1.53/lb) due to higher tolling and production costs.

• Total cost (a non-GAAP measure equal to the aggregate of cash cost, DET notional copper royalties and DET molybdenum royalties of $0.79/lb and depreciation of $0.25/lb) increased to $2.74/lb (Q2-2017: $2.28/lb), due to higher DET notional royalties from higher metal prices.

Amerigo expects strong production in the second half of the year once Phase Two is operational

• At June 30, 2018, the Cauquenes Phase Two expansion project was on time and on budget. Phase Two will improve flotation recovery efficiency, allowing MVC to increase production to 85 – 90 million pounds of copper per year, compared to 62.5 million pounds produced in 2017.

• MVC anticipates production of the first concentrates from the Phase Two expansion in Q3-2018 and expects full production to commence in Q4-2018.

• The Group continues to expect 2018 production of 65 – 70 million pounds of copper at a cash cost of $1.45 to $1.60/lb. In 2018, the Group also expects to produce 1.5 million pounds of molybdenum.

• In 2018, MVC expects to incur $23.5 million in Phase Two capital expenditures (“Capex”), $5.5 million in sustaining Capex, an additional $1.5 million in Capex projects to improve safety and process efficiencies and a $8.4 million expansion of its molybdenum plant, financed by way of a seven-year lease and operating contract.

Cash balance at quarter end was $ 21.4 million after $11.4 million in debt repayments YTD-2018

• At June 30, 2018, the Group’s cash balance was $21.4 million.

• Borrowings were $65.6 million after Phase Two loan draws of $8.8 million and repayments of $8.4 million in the quarter.

• The Group had a working capital deficiency of $9.7 million, caused by scheduled bank debt repayments in the following twelve months ($15.2 million) and the expected repayment of the balance of the DET Price Support Facility in Q3-2018 ($3.2 million).

• The Group does not consider its working capital deficiency constitutes a liquidity risk, as it anticipates generating sufficient operating cash flow to meet current liabilities as they come due, including if copper prices were to remain in the short-term at current levels ($2.75/lb). Working capital deficiencies are not uncommon in companies with short-term debt.

• In H2-2018, MVC expects to draw the remaining $8.7 million available from the Phase Two expansion loan and make debt repayments of $8.4 million. Total borrowings at year end are expected to be $67.5 million.

• At June 30, 2018, the Group had $21.7 million of undrawn, committed credit facilities, $13.0 million from a standby line of credit and $8.7 million from the Phase Two expansion loan.

Investor conference call on August 1, 2018

Amerigo’s quarterly investor conference call will take place on Wednesday August 1, 2018 at 11:00 am Pacific Standard Time/2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

To join the call, please dial 1-800-377-0758 (Toll-Free North America) and let the operator know you wish to participate in the Amerigo Resources conference call.

The analyst and investment community are welcome to ask questions to management. Media can attend on a listen-only basis.

About Amerigo and MVC

Amerigo Resources Ltd. is an innovative copper producer with a long-term partnership with Corporación Nacional del Cobre de Chile (“Codelco”), the world’s largest copper producer.

Amerigo produces copper concentrate at the MVC operation in Chile by processing fresh and historic tailings from Codelco’s El Teniente mine, the world's largest underground copper mine. Tel: (604) 681-2802; Fax: (604) 682-2802; Web:; Listing: ARG:TSX.

The information and data contained in this news release should be read in conjunction with the Company’s Condensed Interim Consolidated Financial Statements (Unaudited) and Management’s Discussion and Analysis (“MD&A) for the three and six months ended June 30, 2018 and the Audited Consolidated Financial Statements and MD&A for the year ended December 31, 2017, available at the Company’s website at and at

For further information, please contact:

• Rob Henderson, President and CEO (604) 697-6203
• Aurora Davidson, Executive Vice-President and CFO (604) 697-6207

Key performance metrics for Q2-2018 and Q2-2017

1 Copper production conducted under tolling agreements with DET and in Q2-2017, Maricunga.
2 Revenue reported net of notional items (smelting and refining charges, DET notional copper royalties and transportation costs).
3 Operating cash flow before changes in non-cash working capital.
4 At June 30, 2018, 2018, $14.0 million in operating cash accounts and a $7.4 million debt service reserve account.
5 At June 30, 2018, short and long-term portions of $18.9 and $46.7 million respectively.
6 Copper price before smelting and refining, DET notional copper royalties, transportation costs and settlement adjustments to prior period sales.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Information

This news release contains certain forward-looking information and statements as defined in applicable securities laws (collectively referred to as "forward-looking statements"). These statements relate to future events or the Company’s future performance. All statements other than statements of historical fact are forward-looking statements. The use of any of the words "anticipate", "plan", "continue", "estimate", "expect", "may", "will", "project", "predict", "potential", "should", "believe" and similar expressions is intended to identify forward-looking statements. Although the Company believes that these assumptions were reasonable when made, because these assumptions are inherently subject to significant uncertainties and contingencies which are difficult or impossible to predict and are beyond the Company’s control, the Company cannot assure that it will achieve or accomplish the expectations, beliefs or projections described in the forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results or events to differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. These forward-looking statements include but are not limited to, statements concerning:

• a forecasted increase in production and a reduction in operating costs;
• our strategies and objectives;
• the expected improvement of flotation recovery efficiency from the Phase Two expansion;
• our estimates of the availability and quantity of tailings, and the quality of our mine plan estimates;
• prices and price volatility for copper and other commodities and of materials we use in our operations;
• the demand for and supply of copper and other commodities and materials that we produce, sell and use;
• sensitivity of our financial results and share price to changes in commodity prices;
• our financial resources and our expected ability to meet our obligations for the next 12 months;
• interest and other expenses;
• domestic and foreign laws affecting our operations;
• our tax position and the tax rates applicable to us;
• the timing and costs of construction and tolling/production of, and the issuance and maintenance of the necessary permits and other authorizations required for, our expansion projects, including the expansion for the Cauquenes deposit and the timing of ramp-up to full production from Cauquenes;
• our ability to procure or have access to financing and to comply with our loan covenants;
• the production capacity of our operations, our planned production levels and future production;
• potential impact of production and transportation disruptions;
• hazards inherent in the mining industry causing personal injury or loss of life, severe damage to or destruction of property and equipment, pollution or environmental damage, claims by third parties and suspension of operations
• our planned capital expenditures (including our plan to upgrade our existing plant and operations) including the timing and cost of completion of our capital projects;
• estimates of asset retirement obligations and other costs related to environmental protection;
• our future capital and production costs, including the costs and potential impact of complying with existing and proposed environmental laws and regulations in the operation and closure of our operations;
• repudiation, nullification, modification or renegotiation of contracts;
• our financial and operating objectives;
• our environmental, health and safety initiatives;
• the outcome of legal proceedings and other disputes in which we may be involved;
• the outcome of negotiations concerning metal sales, treatment charges and royalties;
• disruptions to the Company's information technology systems, including those related to cybersecurity;
• our dividend policy; and
• general business and economic conditions.

Inherent in forward-looking statements are risks and uncertainties beyond our ability to predict or control, including risks that may affect our operating or capital plans; risks generally encountered in the permitting and development of mineral projects such as unusual or unexpected geological formations, negotiations with government and other third parties, unanticipated metallurgical difficulties, delays associated with permits, approvals and permit appeals, ground control problems, adverse weather conditions, process upsets and equipment malfunctions; risks associated with labour disturbances and availability of skilled labour and management; fluctuations in the market prices of our principal commodities, which are cyclical and subject to substantial price fluctuations; risks created through competition for mining projects and properties; risks associated with lack of access to markets; risks associated with availability of and our ability to obtain both tailings from Codelco’s Division El Teniente’s current production and historic tailings from tailings deposit; risks with respect to completion of all phases of the Cauquenes expansion, the ability of the Company to draw down funds from bank facilities and lines of credit, the availability of and ability of the Company to obtain adequate funding on reasonable terms for expansions and acquisitions, including all phases of the Cauquenes expansion; mine plan estimates; risks posed by fluctuations in exchange rates and interest rates, as well as general economic conditions; risks associated with environmental compliance and changes in environmental legislation and regulation; risks associated with our dependence on third parties for the provision of critical services; risks associated with non-performance by contractual counterparties; title risks; social and political risks associated with operations in foreign countries; risks of changes in laws affecting our operations or their interpretation, including foreign exchange controls; and risks associated with tax reassessments and legal proceedings. Many of these risks and uncertainties apply not only to the Company and its operations, but also to Codelco and its operations. Codelco’s ongoing mining operations provide a significant portion of the materials the Company processes and its resulting metals production, therefore these risks and uncertainties may also affect their operations and in turn have a material effect on the Company.

Actual results and developments are likely to differ, and may differ materially, from those expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements contained in this news release. Such statements are based on a number of assumptions which may prove to be incorrect, including, but not limited to, assumptions about:

• general business and economic conditions;
• interest rates;
• changes in commodity and power prices;
• acts of foreign governments and the outcome of legal proceedings;
• the supply and demand for, deliveries of, and the level and volatility of prices of copper and other commodities and products used in our operations;
• the ongoing supply of material for processing from Codelco’s current mining operations;
• the ability of the Company to profitably extract and process material from the Cauquenes tailings deposit;
• the timing of the receipt of and retention of permits and other regulatory and governmental approvals;
• the availability of and ability of the Company to obtain adequate funding on reasonable terms for expansions and acquisitions, Including all phases of the Cauquenes expansion;
• the ability of the Company to draw down funds from bank facilities and lines of credit;
• our costs of production and our production and productivity levels, as well as those of our competitors;
• changes in credit market conditions and conditions in financial markets generally;
• our ability to procure equipment and operating supplies in sufficient quantities and on a timely basis;
• the availability of qualified employees and contractors for our operations;
• our ability to attract and retain skilled staff;
• the satisfactory negotiation of collective agreements with unionized employees;
• the impact of changes in foreign exchange rates and capital repatriation on our costs and results;
• engineering and construction timetables and capital costs for our expansion projects;
• costs of closure of various operations;
• market competition;
• the accuracy of our preliminary economic assessment (including with respect to size, grade and recoverability) and the geological, operational and price assumptions on which these are based;
• tax benefits and tax rates;
• the outcome of our copper concentrate sales and treatment and refining charge negotiations;
• the resolution of environmental and other proceedings or disputes;
• the future supply of reasonably priced power;
• our ability to obtain, comply with and renew permits and licenses in a timely manner; and
• our ongoing relations with our employees and entities with which we do business.

Future production levels and cost estimates assume there are no adverse mining or other events which significantly affect budgeted production levels.

We caution you that the foregoing list of important factors and assumptions is not exhaustive. Other events or circumstances could cause our actual results to differ materially from those estimated or projected and expressed in, or implied by, our forward-looking statements. Except as required by law, we undertake no obligation to update publicly or otherwise revise any forward-looking statements or the foregoing list of factors, whether as a result of new information or future events or otherwise.

Rob Henderson
Amerigo Resources Ltd.
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Konstantin Balakiryan: To Combat Forest Fires in California, New Tools and Methods Are Needed

We must bring to the fight against wildfires the latest achievements of science and technology.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, July 30, 2018 / — Konstantin Balakiryan: To Combat Forest Fires In
California, New Tools and Methods Are Needed

For many years it has been possible for us to recognize that California is at war with nature. Yes, this is much like being in a real war, where distraught people and endangered animals have had to flee from wildfires, their burning houses, and buildings. These fires can consume all that was acquired by the labor of several generations and more disheartening, claiming many precious lives.
What can we say to the mother of two innocent children who were just a week ago happy that they live in the most beautiful country, as they and their great-grandmother could not be protected from the raging fire?
It is almost impossible to throw firefighters into such a battle and expect desired results when they practically have nothing to oppose such large-scale aggressive fires. It's time to understand that firefighters are not "cannon fodder", that their tremendous heroism and risking death, could be the result of someone's inactivity, stupidity, and even criminal negligence.
Scientists involved in environmental problems say that over the past 20 years the number of such disasters has increased 4 times! Apparently, the growth trend of wildfires will continue. This means that California, as well as other US states, are threatened with even more frequent and more powerful wildfires.
Maybe it's time to remember our constitution:
“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
It is a shame to admit that so often forest fires deprive us of ensuring “domestic Tranquility”, demonstrating the helplessness of providing “the common defense”, promoting “the general Welfare”, and deprive us of securing “the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”.
These forest fires are a very serious challenge to our People.
Now is the time, we must bring to the fight against this threat, the latest achievements of science to modernize our means of firefighting. Considering advances in nanotechnology, controlled explosions, and hydrogen capsules, allowing first to localize the fires, and then completely destroy them.
It was about these hydrogen capsules that the world press wrote, "Mankind has never before possessed such a powerful means for forest fire extinguishing"
The fight against forest fires can be characterized by the words of the Roman historian Cornelius Nepos, (1st century BC) “If you want peace, prepare for war.”

Konstantin Balakiryan. PhD, Professor.
k.balakiryan (at)
Phone (602-799 8699) Rebecca Castro

konstantin balakiryan
BK Consulting
email us here

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New Mexico Mesothelioma Victims Center Now Urges a Plumber With Mesothelioma In New Mexico to Focus on Their Compensation and to Call For Direct Access to the Nation's Best Attorneys

We are urging all former plumbers or skilled trades workers In New Mexico who have been recently diagnosed with mesothelioma to call us anytime at 800-714-0303 for suggestions about lawyers”

— New Mexico Mesothelioma Victims Center

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, July 26, 2018 / — The New Mexico Mesothelioma Victims Center is urging a plumber or any type of shill trades worker in New Mexico who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma or their family to call them anytime at 800-714-0303 to make certain the are talking directly to the nation's most skilled mesothelioma attorneys. http://NewMexico.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

The New Mexico Mesothelioma Victims Center says, "We are urging all former plumbers or skilled trades workers In New Mexico who have been recently diagnosed with mesothelioma, or their family members, to call us anytime at 800-714-0303. We want to help get them pointed in the right direction when it comes to hiring a lawyer or law firm to assist with a financial compensation claim for this rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure. Get the lawyer or law firm part wrong, and the mistake could cost the diagnosed person or their family hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in lost compensation. We also do not people with mesothelioma or their family to get overcharged by a law firm.

"Further complicating matters, hiring an attorney to assist with a mesothelioma compensation claim is a one-shot deal and there are typically no do overs. In other words, once you hire the lawyer/law firm, you are stuck with them. It is for this reason we are urging a recently diagnosed person in New Mexico who was exposed to asbestos as an electrician, plumber, welder, insulator, or pipefitter to call us literally anytime at 800-714-0303 to ensure they know exactly what specific attorneys they should be talking to.

"Please don't shortchange yourself when it comes to mesothelioma financial compensation settlement because you hired an unqualified or inexperienced lawyer or law firm."

For a list of building materials banned by the Environmental Protection Agency please refer to their website:

The New Mexico Mesothelioma Victims Center would like to emphasize theirs is a statewide initiative available to a diagnosed victim anywhere in New Mexico including communities such as Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos, Rio Rancho, Las Cruces, Roswell, or Farmington.

For the best possible treatment options in New Mexico we strongly recommend the following heath care facility with the offer to help a diagnosed victim or their family get to the right physicians at the hospital we have indicated: The University of New Mexico Cancer Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico:

According to the CDC the states indicated with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Louisiana, Washington, and Oregon. However, mesothelioma does happen in New Mexico. http://NewMexico.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

High-risk work groups for exposure to asbestos in New Mexico include US Navy Veterans, power plant workers, oil refinery workers, civilian employees of the Defense Department, manufacturing, or industrial workers, plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, machinists, miners, or construction workers. Typically, the exposure to asbestos occurred in the 1960’s, 1970’s, or 1980’s.

For more information about mesothelioma please refer to the National Institutes of Health’s web site related to this rare form of cancer:

Michael Thomas
New Mexico Mesothelioma Victims Center
email us here

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Rodrigo Janot, Andean anti-corruption experts to speak at the only region comprehensive, practical anti-corruption event

Andean Summit on Anti-Corruption Compliance & Enforcement

Andean Summit on Anti-Corruption Compliance & Enforcement

The only conference in the Andean region dedicated exclusively to anti-corruption compliance and enforcement

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, July 23, 2018 / — A faculty of Andean and South American anti-corruption compliance experts will benchmark and analyze the most pressing challenges faced by multinationals today, as well as how to manage and solve them, at CI’s 3rd Andean Summit on Anti-Corruption Compliance & Enforcement, on October 23-24, 2018 in Bogotá.

Canadian Institute (CI), in partnership with American Conference Institute (ACI), will host an expert selection of in-house and law firm practitioners for a timely discussion on the region’s most pressing anti-corruption issues. Register to join the conversation and benefit from peer benchmarking on what it takes and means to run a compliant business, and walk away with concrete tools that you can start implementing the moment you get back to your desk.

As keynote speaker, Dr. Rodrigo Janot Monteiro de Barros, Former General Prosecutor of Brazil (2013-2017), will expound the Odebrecht scandal’s ripple effects in neighboring Andean countries, how this spurred a fundamental rethinking about the deleterious consequences of corruption, and how it ignited the subsequent, deep collaboration among Andean and regional prosecutors and attorneys general on bribery matters that continues to this day.

In addition, the summit will feature expert insights from major industry stakeholders from Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile and the US, including Ecopetrol, Unilever, Odebrecht Engenharia e Construção, Metro de Santiago, Glencore, DIRECTV Colombia, MUFG Bank, Cerrejon, Bancolombia, Orica LATAM, SNC-Lavalin, Hocol, Oracle Colombia, Fox Networks Group Latin America, AES Chivor & Cía S.C.A., Hudbay Minerals.
More information about the conference, including the full agenda, faculty list, and brochure can be accessed

A unique organization, Canadian Institute is devoted to providing the business intelligence that senior decision-makers need to respond to challenges both here in the US, and around the world.
Staffed by industry specialists, lawyers and other professionals, CI operates as a think tank, monitoring trends and developments in all major industry sectors, the law, and public policy, with a view to providing information on the leading edge.
With offices in Toronto, New York and London, CI has grown to produce more than 100 events each year, attended by thousands of senior delegates from across the world.

Maria Romanova
2123523220 ext.5488
email us here
CI in partnership with ACI

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Laser Cleaning Promotional Budget by Laser Photonics Corp.

Laser Photonics Logo

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 23, 2018 / — Laser Photonics Corporation, the industry leader in developing high-tech laser systems, announced today that, together with its partners, it is establishing a $1 million promotion budget to help companies enter the modern world of laser cleaning technology by replacing environmentally disastrous cleaning processes and creating better human work space conditions.
Handheld laser cleaners are ideal for removing rust from auto parts and tools, as well as removing contamination and cleaning household items such as kitchenware and garage items, household hardware, utility components and systems, and boat and automobile driving components. Free of abrasion, the laser cleaning process is gentle on all materials and the environment. Contaminants are removed uniformly and without leaving any residue. Immediately after laser cleaning, parts can undergo painting or coating processes.

This promotional sales event is aimed at introducing new and existing laser cleaning technology into day-to-day manufacturing processes. Gaining experience on the use of an entry level–but still powerful–laser system will open the window of opportunity for companies to use 100 times more powerful laser cleaners for heavy-duty industrial applications like shipbuilding, car body manufacturing, power plant decontamination, oil and gas pressure pipe restoration, engine rebuild cleaning, marine corrosion removal, and more.

“We are excited to participate in this product promotion opportunity,” said Laser Photonics Corporation’s COO Wayne Tupuola. “We see it as a chance for business expansion and also to substantially help companies jump-start the replacement of environmentally dangerous cleaning processes with new laser cleaning technology. It will give companies the opportunity to test and feel the efficiency and power of lasers before incorporating them into their manufacturing processes.”

To find out more about business opportunities with Laser Photonics, visit or call (407) 804-1000. Laser Photonics specializes in developing high-tech Fiber, UltraFast, UV, CO2 and Green laser systems, utilizing advanced and innovative processes and technologies. All laser products are made in the USA; warranties and financing programs are available, along with exceptional customer service.

Dianne Carlisle
Laser Photonics Corporation
email us here

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Idencia Launches International Reseller Program

idencia logo

Partners can offer 'smart products' under their own brand by reselling the Idencia information tracking service.

We want to provide our partners with every opportunity to clearly differentiate themselves from their competition.”

— Jeff Pollock, CEO

TOPSFIELD, MA, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2018 / — Topsfield, MA- Idencia, Inc. announced today that is launching an international reseller program that will enable operating partners to include the Idencia information tracking solution with their products. Vendors in the infrastructure supply chain may now offer ‘smart products’. An RFID tag embedded in (or affixed to) the product can be scanned to source all historic records associated with the product. Being web hosted, different parties in the supply chain can add information to create a timeline history of each product from time of manufacture through end of useful life.

The program allows parties throughout the infrastructure supply chain to add more value to their customers:

• Equipment manufacturers who sell to precast concrete producers can now offer a mold that enables their customers to sell ‘smart concrete products’.

Precast concrete manufacturers that sell their products equipped with Idencia provide a more valuable ‘smart product’ that sets them apart from their competition and makes their customer more productive.

• Contractors that include Idencia can distinguish their projects and add margin by offering project owners more value from the use of ‘smart products’.

Jeff Pollock, Idencia CEO, elaborated: “Resellers can include our information tracking service under their own brand “powered by Idencia”. We want to provide our partners with every opportunity to clearly differentiate themselves from their competition.” He added that Idencia is already in conversations with potential partners in the US, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

Mr. Pollock said that more announcements will be forthcoming as Idencia signs interested resellers.

For more information, please contact: Jeffrey M. Pollock, CEO;

Jeffrey M Pollock
Idencia, Inc.
email us here

RFID Tracking for Infrastructure

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Mustang Resources – Maiden Vanadium Resource at Caula Project

JORC Measured Resource of 22 Mt @ 0.37% V2O5 for 81,600 tonnes of contained V2O5 – associated with graphite deposit

Mustang Resources Ltd (ASX:MUS)

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, July 20, 2018 / — Mustang Resources Ltd (ASX: MUS, FRA: GGY) is pleased to announce that its Caula Vanadium-Graphite project in Mozambique has taken another key step towards development with the completion of the maiden JORC-compliant vanadium Mineral Resource estimate.

Key points:
• Total Maiden JORC Resource of 22 Mt @ 0.37% vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) (0.2 % grade cut-off) at the Caula Vanadium-Graphite Project in Mozambique
• The entire Vanadium Resource is in the Measured Resource category
• Total contained V2O5 of 81,600 tonnes (~180 Mlb)
• Current V2O5 price is of US$18.50/lb (US$40,500/tonne) (98% V2O5)
• Substantial scope for further growth in the Vanadium Resource through exploration

Measured JORC Vanadium Resources is addition to the existing graphite Resource at Caula of 5Mt at 13% Total Graphitic Carbon (TGC). Mustang is currently finalising an updated graphite Mineral Resource estimate.

Mustang Managing Director Dr. Bernard Olivier said the combination of the vanadium and graphite resources shows Caula is rapidly emerging as a highly valuable project.
“This is an exceptional result, with over 81,000 tonnes contained V2O5, particularly given that the entire JORC Resource is in the Measured category,” Dr Olivier said.
“With vanadium pentoxide prices running at more than US$40,000 per tonne (98% V2O5), the Caula resource translates to a highly valuable resource.
“Furthermore, the potential of the project is even greater as our vanadium is mica-hosted and associated with the graphite mineralisation and potentially far cheaper to extract and recover through two simple processing steps, compared with most vanadium projects, where the vanadium is located in a complex titaniferous magnetite ore body.”

For more information on the Maiden Vanadium Resource and Mustang in general please visit our website at:

Bernard Olivier
Mustang Resources Ltd
email us here

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Holabird Western Americana Collections' massive 3,600-lot June 22-26 auction in Reno, Nevada grosses just under $500,000

Five-ounce Chinese ‘Beloved Unicorn’ gold coin, one of only 99 minted and in proof condition ($32,535)

The Con-Virginia, Dayton Consolidated collection of more than 250 ore specimens and samples, all labeled and from Nevada ($15,625).

Rare onion skin Green Mountain Mining (Ontonagon Cty., Mich.) stock certificate, issued in 1862 for 25 shares ($2,250).

Framed print of the fabled Pacific Coast Borax 20-mule team, pulling wagons through Death Valley, Calif. ($2,928).

Circa 1900 World War I military campaign hat, Western style, with acorn ties and an upturned wreath with a “3” at the center ($594).

A Chinese ‘Beloved Unicorn’ gold coin sold for $32,535 to take top lot honors. The runner-up was an ore specimen collection from Nevada’s mining past ($15,625).

We had two superb collections — the Gottschalk Aurora, Nevada collection, many with visible gold, and the Con-Virginia, Dayton Consolidated ore collection.”

— Fred Holabird

RENO, NEV., UNITED STATES, July 16, 2018 / — RENO, Nev. – Who says there’s no such things as unicorns? A five-ounce Chinese ‘Beloved Unicorn’ gold coin sold for $32,535 to take top lot honors at Holabird Western Americana Collections’ five-day June Treasures from Pacific Shores auction held June 22-26 in Reno. The runner-up lot was an astounding ore specimen collection from Nevada’s mining past ($15,625).

The auction was loaded with nearly 3,600 lots covering many categories, including numismatics, mining, minerals, general Americana, railroad, tokens, antique bottles, gaming, firearms and weaponry, Wells Fargo and Express collectibles and more. The event, which grossed $489,500, was held online and in Holabird’s gallery, located at 3555 Airway Drive (Suite 308) in Reno.

The ‘Beloved Unicorn’ gold coin, which is legal tender in the People’s Republic of China, was one of only 99 minted and was graded in proof condition. It came housed in a lovely presentation case and had a .999 gold composition. The mirror back obverse featured a design of two unicorns (a standing adult and resting offspring) with the word “UNICORN” in print and a currency mark.

The June 23rd session contained 158 lots of minerals and ore specimens and 531 lots of mining collectibles, to include lamps, candlesticks and hard goods. “We had two superb collections,” said Fred Holabird of Holabird Western Americana Collections, “the Gottschalk Aurora, Nevada collection, many with visible gold, and the Con-Virginia, Dayton Consolidated ore collection.”

The latter collection, of more than 250 ore specimens and samples, all labeled, proved to be the more attractive of the two to bidders. “We decided to keep the Con-Virginia collection together, since it represented a complete group of minerals and ore from producing Western mines in the 1920s and ‘30s and before,” Mr. Holabird said. “But both collections were unique and valuable.”

The highlight of the Gottschalk Collection was a high-grade gold specimen from the Florence Mine at Goldfield, Nev. The cut face specimen, 3 inches by 2 inches, with original label, brought $1,750. Also from the Gottschalk Collection, a pair of gold-silver specimens out of the Cortez Mine in Aurora, Nev. – considered one of the original rich mines – sold as one lot for $1,062.

Following are additional highlights from the auction. For those unable to attend in person, online bidding was provided by,, eBay Live and About 3,700 people registered to bid across all the platforms. They placed 3,155 live bids and 1,843 absentee bids. Phone bids were also accepted. All prices quoted include the buyer’s premium.

A Chinese silver Liang (Tael) coin, minted in 1908 in the Hunan Province and issued by the Ta Ch’ing Government Bank, with the obverse showing three lines of two characters each and the reverse two lines of three characters each, garnered $8,438. Also, a W. Conklin IOU token good for 12 ½ cents in trade, issued in Sabrine Pass, Texas and in good condition, commanded $1,875.

A rare onion skin Green Mountain Mining (Ontonagon County, Mich.) stock certificate issued in 1862 in the amount of 25 shares to a Mr. Oliver Severance, signed by the company president and secretary, realized $2,250; while a Peoples Ice Company (Boca, Calif.) stock certificate for 45 shares, issued to “Thompson” in 1875, also signed by the president and secretary, made $438.

A framed print of the fabled Pacific Coast Borax 20-mule team, pulling wagons through Death Valley, Calif., measuring 16 inches by 42 inches (in the frame) breezed to $2,928. Also, a circa 1900 World War I-era military campaign hat, Western style, with acorn ties and an upturned wreath with the number “3” at the center, issued to staff non-commissioned officers, hit $594.

Great deals were to be had for bidders savvy enough to score them. A black tin box filled with Bassick Gold Mine (Querida, Colo.) company records from 1899-1901 – thousands of checks and invoices – went for just $1,000, and a beautifully refinished early 1900s Mason player piano, a fixtured in early honky-tonk bars and saloons, with stool and 300 music rolls, fetched $938.

Some lots sold for a ridiculously low $12.50 each, believe it or not. They included the following:

• 1950s early Knott’s Berry Farm (Disneyland) ephemera, to include a color booklet with mailing envelope, chicken dinner restaurant menu and Disneyland Hotel unused postcard.
• Set of eight 20th century tobacco company stock certificates, including ones for Liggett & Myers, Burley Tobacco Co., Pumpelly-Howe Tobacco Co., and Continental Tobacco Co.
• Collection of over 40 Wells Fargo and American Express envelopes, most addressed to Stupp Floral Company of St. Joseph, Mo., and postmarked Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas.

Holabird Western Americana Collections’ next big event will be an Americana auction sometime in August (dates and times to be announced), followed by an auction that will coincide with the National Token Collectors Association annual token auction on Friday, Aug. 31, in Sandy, Utah.

Anyone owning a collection that might fit into an upcoming Holabird Western Americana Collections auction is encouraged to get in touch. The firm travels extensively throughout the U.S., to see and pick up collections. Last year it visited Boston, Florida, Seattle and New York.

Holabird Western Americana Collections is always seeking bottle, advertising, Americana and coin consignments for future auctions. To consign a single piece or a collection, you may call Fred Holabird at 775-851-1859 or 844-492-2766; or, e-mail him at To learn more about Holabird Western Americana Collections, LLC, please visit

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Laser Photonics Corporation Introduces Innovative Titan Express Mid-Size Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Photonics Logo

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 12, 2018 / — The innovative Titan Express, a mid-size laser cutting machine from Laser Photonics, combines a small footprint and high performance with the cut quality of a full-size industrial laser cutter. This laser cutting machine is powerful and reliable, integrating cutting edge motion engineering, CNC control, and fiber laser technologies in a size that will fit any facility and budget. It is equipped with a high-powered, energy-efficient fiber laser and an advanced direct drive motion control platform, making it the best machine for cutting highly reflective materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper.

The Titan Express has a lightweight design and the fastest cutting speed on the market. This system consumes less than 20% of the power required by conventional CO2 laser systems and has one-third of the operating costs of other laser machines. The Titan Express’s fully software-controlled geometry alignment eliminates the need for special installation requirements and requires no optical system alignment, laser service or laser replacement parts, making this system virtually maintenance-free.

The performance advantage of this laser cutting system is Direct Drive Motion System (DDMS) technology, a maintenance-free magnetic-based motion platform that is superior to any other mechanical motion system simply because it is an order of magnitude lower in resistance. All other competing technologies require larger, high power consumption motors to offset higher-resistant motion systems that need routine replacement of parts due to continuous friction- based wear and tear. Another significant technology advantage is the use of fully-sealed encoders that permanently eliminate conditions for laser placement errors and material jamming accidents associated with optical encoders that occasionally break or lose location accuracy due to accumulated debris obscuring the optical location functionality.
These laser cutting systems are equipped with native CNC G-Code Controls and can be operated by any trained machinist. They are geared toward companies involved in sheet metal fabrication and equipment manufacturing, as well as companies that produce construction equipment, aluminum vehicles, kitchenware, copper and brass gaskets, food processing equipment, and materials used in the aerospace and defense industries.

Laser Photonics is the industry leader in developing high-tech Fiber, UltraFast, UV, CO2 and Green laser systems, specializing in advanced and innovative processes and technologies. The company is a one-stop shop, supplying laser machines, automation, and software, as well as exceptional customer service. All systems are made in the USA, and warranties and financing programs are available. For more information about Laser Photonics’ Titan Express Series, visit or call (407) 804-1000.

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Nexus Gold Corp Featured on CEO Clips on CBC’s Documentary Channel

Mines in Burkina Faso

Gold in quartz from Niangouela

Drill Cores from Nexus Gold

Nexus Gold Corp (OTCBB:NXXGF)

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, July 12, 2018 / — BTV’s CEO Clips, a series of short video profiles on innovative publicly traded companies across North America, is currently featuring junior gold explorer Nexus Gold Corp (TSX.V: NX, OTC: NXXGF) on CBC’s Documentary Channel throughout the day and evenings through July 15. View link:

Further online distribution through BTV’s CEO Clips include:, Thomson Reuters Insider Network Terminals, Yahoo Finance, TSX, Globe Investor, Stockwatch, Bloomberg, and BTV’s YouTube channel.

About CBC’s Documentary Channel and BTV

CBC’s Doc Channel is a digital television station devoted to showing the best documentaries from Canada and around the world.

BTV-Business Television and CEO Clips produce and house the largest library of company video features and campaigns for publicly traded companies for broadcast on TV and financial sites. Contact

About Nexus Gold Corp

Nexus Gold is a Vancouver-based gold exploration and development company operating primarily in Burkina Faso, West Africa. The company is currently concentrating its efforts on establishing a compliant resource at one or more of it’s three current projects. The 38-square km Bouboulou project comprises no less than five established gold zones contained within three separate 5-km long gold trends. The adjacent 250-square km Rakounga gold concession extends the Bouboulou gold trends and currently contains three drill tested zones of mineralization. The Niangouela gold concession is a 178-square km project featuring high-grade gold occurring in and around a primary quartz vein and associated shear zone approximately one km in length.

Nexus Gold Corp trades on the TSX Venture under the symbol NXS, and on the OTCBB under teh symbol NXXGF.

Please visit for more information on the Company

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Nexus Gold Corp
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Nexus Gold – July 2018

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