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Leading European crypto mining company, Securix, announces partnership with leading Tokenization Company, TSM global to provide data, and AI-powered research

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, September 10, 2018 / — is a token-driven mining company that has made a name for itself in the digital currency space. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company has stood out has one of the leading providers of digital currency mining solutions and recently partnered with TSM Global, a company known for its fundraising prowess using blockchain-backed solutions to raise money from the public. The partnership is part of Securix’s token sale that is aimed at providing passive income to people across the globe.

Building wealth goes beyond earning from a stream of income, as it involves making the money earned work without lifting a finger. This is what the concept of passive income comes from, with a wide range of passive income sources available for individuals and businesses across the globe. Unfortunately, a majority of the available passive income sources are short-termed and designed to exist for only a limited few, leading to some investors losing their money and back on the road for another income source. This is where Securix is looking to make a huge difference by offering a blockchain-backed digital currency solution to offer investors a transparent and more effective way of receiving passive income. When inquired about the merits of their program, the CEO of Securix, Mr. Jacobus Donkersloot, decided to quote none other than one of the richest people on Earth, Mr. Warren Buffett, the Sage of Omaha “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” is basically offering an EAN-to-EAN platform, a decentralised platform with fewer parties involved, ensuring the effectiveness of the system, while also provides token holders, investors, and other parties get the best possible returns. purchases energy directly from the green generator grid in the Netherlands without intermediaries to help minimize cost and maximize profits as much as possible. Blockchain may be the future, and makes sure it is sustainable. adopts a monthly reinvestment strategy that offers higher value and output per token, allowing them to repurchase SRXIO tokens from the market and burn them as well as acquire new hardware and improve the existing facility and infrastructure. It is expected that the mining complex would be able to produce 24.5 BTC per day making it one of the biggest mining operations in the world.

The token sale for Securix is done in partnership with TSM is providing community empowerment services, data mining, and AI-powered research. The token-driven mining company is currently working with TSM, a company reputed to have helped several companies across the globe to raise over $290 million for different innovative projects. The partnership of two giants in their respective fields further reiterates the reliability and future potentials of the project.

The crowdsale of the token is scheduled to commence on the 27th September, 2018, and will end on the 30th November, 2018. The tokens will be deployed for different purposes, with 77 percent of all Securix tokens allocated to contributing participants in the Securix Community, 6 percent for Research and Development, and 2 percent for the ICO Bounty Program.


More information about the revolutionary blockchain-powered solution can be found on their website. Securix is also available across several social media platforms including Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The whitepaper for the tokenization is available on the website for more information on the token sale.

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Source: EIN Presswire