Arctic Star Exploration Corp. Advancing Timantti Diamond Project in Finland

Arctic Star’s Timantti Diamond Project is in same geological belt as Grib and Lomonosov mines

Arctic Star Exploration Corp TSX-V:ADD is now in the center of what could continue into a Tier 1 diamond discovery at its 100%-owned Timantti Property, Finland.

Arctic Star Exploration Corp. (TSX:ADD)

Taking point for Arctic Star's exploration team are the same individuals that as lead exploration geologists discovered the Diavik diamond mine in Canada, and the Grib diamond mine in Russia.”

— Mining MarketWatch Journal

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, March 28, 2019 / — Arctic Star Exploration Corp. (TSX-V: ADD) (F: 82A1) (US Listing: ASDZF) is a Canadian-based diamond exploration mining company focused on advancing its flagship 100%-owned Timantti Property in Finland, located 17 km from the town of Kuusamo, and only ~450 km SE of the multi-billion dollar producing Lomonsov and Grib diamond mines in Russia. 'Timantti' is the Finnish word for diamond, and Arctic Star is now in the center of what could continue into a Tier 1 discovery. The large land package consists of a 243 hectare Exploration Permit and a 190,000 hectares Exploration Reservation. The caliber of the exploration professionals that are associating themselves and reputations to the project is impressive, they include the former lead geologists that discovered Diavik diamond mine in Canada, and the discovered nearby Grib diamond mine in Russia.

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In 2018 Arctic Star proved-up a cluster of 4 newly discovered diamond bearing kimberlites ripe with microdiamonds; following caustic fusion processing 1,746 diamonds were found in 987.06kg of samples from four kimberlites, and curve analysis yields +1.18mm stones in each kimberlite. Three of the kimberlites, known as 'the three wolves', are within 300 metres of each other, they were found under only 1 to 3 metres of overburden, only a few hundred metres off the highway, and adjacent to power. Analysis of the distribution of microdiamonds from caustic fusion of samples from Arctic Star's best grading kimberlite structure, named the White Wolf, yielded ~0.7 carats/T (+/- ~20%) commercial stones, an earmark of if not a future mine on its own, certainly part of a future mine. The Company's 2019 exploration plan is to prove the Timantti Project has world-class size potential by confirming more kimberlites; the exploration team will be testing several near-surface anomalous targets that are so apparently indicative it is difficult to think what else the anomalies could be other than more kimberlite bodies/pipes.

Exceptional infrastructure: Arctic Star is able to explore for diamonds at Timantti for ~1/3 the cost of what most others spend in elsewhere due to the projects location proximal to exceptional infrastructure (roads, airport, town, power). There are regular flights from Helsinki to the local town of Kuusamo (population ~16,000); its possible to take a taxi from the airport to Arctic Star's first kimberlite discovery in ~20 minutes. Additionally noteworthy, in 2018 two of the kimberlites were discovered simply by excavating anomalies with a backhoe.
ADD.V poised for upside revaluation: Currently trading with a miniscule market cap of only ~C$10.2 million, the share price of Arctic Star Exploration Corp. is apt to rise near-term to better reflect the inherent value of its recently discovered diamantiferous kimberlite clusters at the Timantti Property and its potential. The missing ingredient that is holding the share price of ADD.V back is the streets need to see size/tonnage potential, something the Company's geological exploration team is confident it can deliver this 2019. The markets are tougher on diamond exploration stocks now than in the past due in-part to the fact there has not been a new world-class diamond discovery made since 1990. If this was the 1990s and Arctic Star had done what it has done lately at Timantti, the share price of ADD.V would likely be over $3/share already. Purchasers of ADD.V now are getting a deal on shares. Kimberlite structures are rare — the discoveries to date have mitigated the project risk, with weak hands now out of the stock, and the geological team dialed-in, it won't take much in terms of news flow to attract majors, serious money, and street attention that will jump the share price of ADD.V as the 2019 exploration season advances.

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