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GSA Contract signing allows ATS to expand their services to all government entities; this is the next step in many partnerships to come as Stewards of Humanity.

This is a strategic move that allows us to secure contracts for safety in order to make the SafetyShield products available for all government entities.”

— Richard Allred

MIDVALE, UT, UNITED STATES, April 23, 2019 / — ATS ShieldSafe®, located in Midvale and Pleasant Grove, UT is thrilled to announce the signing of the Federal Government’s GSA contract that makes it possible for ATS to sell to the U.S. government through the General Services Agreement, instead of having separate contracts with each agency.

ATS ShieldSafe offers built-to-last safety showers that are fully ANSI compliant – offering optimal protection for workers in all weather conditions.

A process that has been two years in the making, Richard Allred, CEO of ATS, had this to say about the contract: “This is a strategic move that allows us to secure contracts for safety in order to make the SafetyShield products available for all government entities.” To be approved, the GSA needed to analyze sales data and ensure the updating all the equipment, as well as intense scrutiny from the GSA to ensure their products are of interest to a vast number of government agencies. “This is the next step in our many partnerships with U.S. government entities and continue to expand water technologies, water treatment chemistry, and other products and services. It also provides a worldwide reach to government entities outside the U.S,” he added.

ATS Director of Administrative Services, Ashley McIntosh, has worked hard to secure the GSA contract signing and it’s paid off. She began working towards the GSA contract back in 2017 and went through a rigorous process. “We had to wait quite a while after we submitted all the paperwork until we received a response back. Fortunately, the State of Utah is very supportive in helping small businesses, like us, succeed. They provide a couple of different companies to help us in acquiring a GSA contract.” It takes time and sometimes, due to different challenges, approval doesn’t come quickly. “Once the government replies, there’s a negotiation process and the assurance that nothing has changed,” she stated. However, much did change regarding the products we offered from the beginning of the process, as well as with the GSA requirements under our specific Schedule. McIntosh then had to go through most of the process all over again with our new products and with the government “refresh.”

The government approved the contract on March 15. Now the hard work begins of selling off the contract and getting the word out. This contract applies to ATS ShieldSafe® products, including decontamination showers and accompanying accessories, and we can renew this contract every five years through 2039.
GSA provides over 11 million products to the federal agencies and it is ATS’s job to market to federal agencies who could benefit from our product. “It’s like Amazon for the government, where they purchase products and we ship it out.” Anyone in the government can buy the products without the need to bid.

Allred, in an email to the company, said, “I would like to acknowledge McIntosh’s hard work as well as all the many who have helped in this undertaking.”

GSA Contract Number: 47QSWA19D004Q

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