Western Falcon Offers Free Resources Regarding Thermoplastic Lining Technology

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Western Falcon, a Texas-based developer of patented thermoplastic liner technology, offers a variety of free technical resources on its website.

HUMBLE, TX, USA, November 18, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Western Falcon is an oil industry leader when it comes to the development and manufacture of thermoplastic liners. Established in Odessa and now headquartered in Humble, Texas, their proprietary thermoplastics have revolutionized the way oil is extracted from the ground around the world. To better serve those in the oil industry who have questions or concerns about their tube liners, Western Falcon offers numerous technical resources that provide pertinent information about the various thermoplastics and their applications.

Overview & Brochure

For anyone who is new to the idea of thermoplastic liners, Western Falcon offers a complete overview of their technologies as well as a brochure designed to help companies make the best possible decisions based on their individual needs. These describe the differences in Western Falcon’s products as compared to today’s traditional thermoset materials, and they also provide a list of ideal applications for which these plastics were developed.
It is also possible to learn more about the various advantages associated with utilizing thermoplastic liners over the more traditional thermoset coatings found in downhole applications.

Fast Facts and Common Dimensions

The team at Western Falcon has also put together a list of fast facts that give visitors access to tips and tricks from industry experts designed to help you extend the life of your equipment and prevent unnecessary damage. It is also possible to learn about thermoplastics and what makes them different from so many other materials that you might find in the oil and gas industry.

The common oilfield dimensions PDF file is especially helpful when ordering liners or other components. This handy document provides everything from drift dimensions to the outside diameter of couplings as well as the insert pump bores and sucker rod box rod sizes.

Case Studies and Technical Papers

Engineers and experts who are considering utilizing Western Falcon’s proprietary plastic tubular lining may have an interest in reading case studies that line out the benefits companies have experienced when making the switch. These case studies cover the successful use of thermoplastic lined downhole tubing in oil and gas production wells as well as in water injection and disposal applications.

Technical papers cover a variety of topics, such as mitigating downhole corrosion and wear failures, reducing sucker rod coupling friction in HDPE-lined tubing, and reducing downhole failures with thermoplastic liners.

To learn more about Western Falcon and the various products they provide, or to access this bevy of free resources, visit the company’s website today or give them a call at (866)730-3816 or (866)256-1585 from Canada.

About Western Falcon: Western Falcon was established in Odessa, Texas in 1992 and has since grown into one of the premier providers of thermoplastic liners in the oil and gas industry. They have developed numerous proprietary materials, and this has led to the creation of four unique liners that can withstand extreme temperatures, reduce friction, prevent corrosion, and much more. For more information please visit https://westernfalcon.com/

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