Substrata Releases A New Environmentally Friendly Dust Suppressant called Surfa-Zyme

All new dust suppressant is now available to customers worldwide.

The overall goal is to generate less dust, less cost, and less doubt for our customers”

— Royal Marty, CEO

HENDERSON, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2020 / — Substrata, makers of well-known Perma-Zyme and other environmentally friendly products that solve everyday obstacles such as road construction, remediation, and soil conditioning, announced a new product today called Surfa-Zyme. The all new dust suppressant is compatible with majority of the soils throughout the World. It delivers long lasting results that does not require any special equipment.

Surfa-Zyme is a dust suppressant that creates a natural crust over the soil itself to trap the dust particles, so no dust enters into the atmosphere. Once the Surfa-Zyme cures, no dust particles will be released from the treated area. Unlike other dust suppression methods, Surfa-Zyme is compatible with a variety of climates and soil types, requires no special equipment, and does not leave any residue or film on vehicles.

“Our Surfa-Zyme will decrease your dust so your citizens and local authorities will be happy and allow you to focus on your goals, not suppressing dust,” said Royal Marty, CEO of Substrata. “The overall goal is to generate less dust, less cost, and less doubt for our customers.”

After months of research, development, and testing, Surfa-Zyme is currently available to customers worldwide. The product was developed to solve customers dust concerns while decreasing their costs by allowing them to apply Surfa-Zyme less frequently than alternative dust preventative methods.

Surfa-Zyme Details:

• Compatible with a variety of soil types
• Requires no special equipment, just a water truck
• Will not leave any residue or film on vehicles
• 100% organic and environmentally friendly, making it easy and safe to handle

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