Pinheiro Cobaltum Announces Appointment of Eduardo Ramirez to Its Board of Directors

Pinheiro Cobaltum

The firm brings Mr. Ramirez onboard in a bid to provide additional strength and expertise to its mine operations

SAO PAULO, SAO PAULO, BRAZIL, March 16, 2020 / — Pinheiro Cobaltum (ISIN: BREBTPACNER4), an innovative and asset diversified cobalt extraction company focused on delivering growth, cash generation and stakeholder rewards, implementing a unique investment and development strategy, is pleased to announce that a new and experienced set of skills have been added to the company’s leadership arsenal through the person of Mr. Eduardo Ramirez, as he will directly occupy a Board Member position, being designated as the Head of Mining Projects Department. This move will provide additional strength to the firm’s on-going mining operations and will enhance its new project development capabilities.

Pinheiro Cobaltum is pursuing to solidify its position as one of the best performing mine operators and developers, therefore, it has recently brough into its Board of Executives a mining engineer with 23 years of executive management, mine operations, project management and corporate investment experience. Mr. Ramirez has a remarkable track-record within the global mining industry. Most recently, he was Chief Operating Officer (COO) for a gold mining corporation with operations in South Africa, being responsible for delivering safety and operational excellence.

Mr. Ramirez graduated from the University of Chile with Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing. He joined a local mining company where he gained engineering and mine supervisory experience at coper mines in northern Chile. This was followed by two years of managing corporate investment projects throughout northern Chile as part of the company’s development portfolio.

Diego Morales, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Pinheiro Cobaltum, commented: "We are pleased to have Eduardo Ramirez join our Executives’ Board and augment the company's operational capacity with his extensive mine development experience at this crucial moment, as we prepare a new project for construction and commercial production.”

Mr. Morales continues: “In this period of time, when our firm’s exploration activity is moving up, it’s important for us to mold a clear exploration strategy, grounded in value, in the volume of processed ore needed to fulfill long-term goals, and in the financial attractiveness of internal exploration compared to acquisition of more advanced deposits and projects.”

Pinheiro Cobaltum is using various strategies to improve its potential of discovering new reserves and developing new projects, and one of the strategies is to bring in the organization the right people with the right knowledge and the right attitude. Mr. Ramirez adds significant project development expertise, as well as underground and open pit mining operations experience.

About Pinheiro Cobaltum (ISIN: BREBTPACNER4)
Pinheiro Cobaltum is an innovative and asset diversified cobalt extraction company focused on delivering growth, cash generation and stakeholder rewards. The firm’s profitability depends on its proven ability to develop and operate its existing and future properties on a competitive, cost effective basis. Pinheiro Cobaltum recognizes the importance of a safe and healthy work environment and is actively developing and implementing procedures, practices, training, and audit protocols across its operations to ensure the highest standards for its activities.

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Source: EIN Presswire