Pinheiro Cobaltum Announces Increased Attendance to Mining Industry Conferences

The firm’s management team will be present at several important industry related conferences during this year

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL, March 16, 2020 / — Pinheiro Cobaltum (ISIN: BREBTPACNER4), an innovative and asset diversified cobalt extraction company focused on delivering growth, cash generation and stakeholder rewards, implementing a unique investment and development strategy, today announced that its management team is looking to broaden the company’s new project development potential, therefore, they will be attending no less than four upcoming mining conferences in the next short space of time. The Board of Executives has assigned a five-member team that will represent the company in the upcoming events.

Pinheiro Cobaltum, as an experienced mining operator and developer, is well aware of the massive potential that new projects and new operations have for the future of any organization. This is why, the firm will attend major mining related conferences where innovative technology and processes, and business development opportunities are abundant.
The five-member team of Executives will attend the following events:
• Metal Events' Lithium, Graphite & Cobalt Forum, Montreal
• Precious Metals Summit Beaver Creek, Colorado
• Global Conference on Ground Control in Mining, Morgantown
• MiningTech South America, Chile
The key themes will be:
o Cobalt’s Demand, Outlook, Supply and Price
o Russia’s Ambition for Future Lithium Demand
o How to Attract New Capital and Make Mining Projects Bankable
o New Technological Updates on Mining Technologies and Demand for Future Tech Minerals

“Pinheiro Cobaltum realizes that value creation strategies must deliver excellent returns during a full mining cycle and continuing the productivity pattern is the only way to maintain the operational robustness that is important for profitable growth,” said Mr. Marcos Silva, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Pinheiro Cobaltum.

Pinheiro Cobaltum research team has identified that, while metal prices are moving to record highs, investment in the mining sector is also rising, generating a stream of more supplies across the globe in the next few years. Financing new production projects is a key issue, this is why major industry producers are increasing their focus for capital-rich investors, such as private equity firms, hedge funds and investment banks, as well as technology companies which are interested in securing overseas supplies of raw materials through acquisitions.

Attending this type of conferences, provides the ideal opportunity for the firm to, identify new possible strategies, projects, technologies and new investment opportunities.

About Pinheiro Cobaltum (ISIN: BREBTPACNER4)
Pinheiro Cobaltum is an innovative and asset diversified cobalt extraction company focused on delivering growth, cash generation and stakeholder rewards. The firm’s profitability depends on its proven ability to develop and operate its existing and future properties on a competitive, cost effective basis. Pinheiro Cobaltum recognizes the importance of a safe and healthy work environment and is actively developing and implementing procedures, practices, training, and audit protocols across its operations to ensure the highest standards for its activities.

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Source: EIN Presswire