PHC Consortium Unveils New User Interface for Easy and Effective Feedback on Project Concerns

Sophisticated Package used by the Central PHC Support Base

Sophisticated Package used by the Central PHC Support Base

Bare Bones Web Portal Interface used by PHC Consortium Members

Bare Bones Web Portal Interface used by PHC Consortium Members

Schedule Cost Performance

Schedule Cost Performance

No amount of feedback is good if it stays in the minds of the workforce. The new interface is a personalised online 'what's on my plate' view of the PHC Lists.

Make feedback normal. Not a performance review.”

— Ed Batista

SOUTHMINSTER, ESSEX, UNITED KINGDOM, January 4, 2021 / — Stalled business processes, failing projects and non-functioning teams all can be transformed by application of a communication system that lets everyone see where they fit into the whole picture. In performance improvement, communication is key.

Project Health Control resolves communications issues by keeping data organised using the seven PHC lists, the most prominent being Concerns, Actions and Deliverables. Three kinds of human interface are provided in a PHC system for access to a project's PHC data.

The first is what the PHC Support team sees on their desktop when operating a fully featured software package front end to a Filemaker database. 

The second is via the web in a portal that is created automatically using the Mindmanager productivity package. The Order Efficiency Ltd Independent Project Review (IPR) is an example of a PHC data structure published as an Open Document

And now there is a third. A web portal that makes available for each PHC Consortium member a 'What's On My Plate' view of assigned list items. An active 'To Do' list for best practice in efficiency. The user makes his feedback and the PHC Support team processes it by updating the data appropriately and re-publishing.

"It is quite possible for the Project Health Control methodology to envelop a whole project and become the locus for control of any part of it." says David Winter, Order Efficiency Ltd, "But it doesn't have to be like that in practice. PHC can be introduced by the 'curious' on a small scale to see how it works on their own project or business process, with the PHC implementation as a catalyst for performance improvement".

For more than 15 years the PHC methodology has been implemented and developed incrementally on more than 12 separate projects in the Energy Industries worldwide. The deployment of the new web portal interface for users is set to enable widespread deployment for work teams whose numbers can range into the thousands.

The user portal is now available for access by existing consortium members who each have their own login details. Prospective users who are interested in trying out the portal to gauge its look and feel, can visit and log in with Username: and Password: 1234

The main focus for the PHC Consortium at this stage in its development is to build the register of people interested in training for the PHC Consultant role. As each consultant gains first hand experience of how the PHC concept works in practice, they begin to understand how it can apply to their own projects and business processes. Each member has the facility within the PHC Portal to create a record in the Organisations list a record for their own organisation.

“It is important that we build the Consortium membership of individuals first as a lead in to the Consortium's organisations,” says Manuela Vinci, PHC Consultant with Order Efficiency Ltd. “That way the Organisations register grows from personal recommendation, and not by aggressive marketing”.

Executives from prospective Service Users (Clients), Service Providers, Local Representatives and Investors are invited to join the Consortium first before adding their organisation to the register.

Contact for information on how to apply.
Order Efficiency Ltd is a British company that provides Project Management Services, specialising in Performance Improvement through Project Health Control (PHC).

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The Seven PHC Lists

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