High-Speed Internet as Next Frontier in Satellite Systems

High-Speed Internet as Next Frontier in Satellite Systems

High-Speed Internet as Next Frontier in Satellite Systems”

— Karol Donimirsky

LISBON, PORTUGAL, January 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — New development keeps happening in the space industry daily. These come to include new outcomes from Abaco Systems, Inc., which recently announced a promotion for an award toward its initial $900K designated for a company capable of developing a field control interface that supports the Protected Tactical Satellite launched by the Space Force. The PTS mainly functions as a modern warfare system capable of taking advantage of the next generation of anti-jamming satellite communication protocol systems. The company Abaco is committed to continuing with the same design that enabled it to establish a long legacy of hardware used to support warfare endeavors and warriors on the ground, air support, and navy operations.

This new development provides an easy win involves taking advantage of the company’s well-integrated Abaco VP868 FPGA card and the recently developed and assigned FMC172 FPGA card. There are reports that the company plans to upgrade the VP868 to be compatible with a 6U OpenVPX-compliant high-performance plugin that offers specialized digital signals. This plugin is especially suitable for high-performance computing applications. Further implications include integration with I/O applications to communicate on a large scale from the ground-based lab into far situated remote and robust environments. Further development approves high efficiency, low latency, and high sampling components with corresponding high-capacity speeds from the expected FMC172 module.

The company plans to have its proponent VP868 merge with its FMC172 network, expected to help customers overcome previously prominent problems especially experienced in the production of new DSP systems. The company hopes that this new design will triumph previously emergent issues. This development is considerable evidence of Abaco’s value based on the challenging criteria and consumer processing timetable.

High-Speed Internet as Next Frontier in Satellite Systems
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