Saint Jovite Youngblood Joins Experts in Saying 2022 Iron Ore Prices Should Remain High

MONROVIA, CA, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / — The current bull run of iron ore is set to continue for the next couple of years, the head of base metals and bulks research at Goldman Sachs told participants at the recent Singapore Iron Ore Forum, an event that is a cornerstone of Singapore International Ferrous Week.

“The forum and event in Singapore is a go-to for education on what is happening in the mining industry,” said Saint Jovite Youngblood, owner of Youngblood Metals Mining.

The bull run was spurred by a supply shock stemming from Brazil’s Brumadinho dam disaster in 2019.

That catastrophe impacted iron ore production of goliath mining company Vale – the world’s largest producer of iron ore and one of the biggest miners in the world. The incident cast the company under a spotlight and billions of dollars in remediations were made.

“Two hundred seventy people lost their lives in what is being called the worst human and environmental disaster in Brazil. It was catastrophic and impacts are still being seen in communities today,” said Saint Jovite Youngblood.

What started with disaster is now a “material bull market,” according to CNBC reporting.

While many experts expect that the price will not remain $200 per ton, they also do not believe there will be a collapse – and prices should fluctuate between $100-150 per ton, per CNBC reporting.

“It would be wrong to say that the bull market for iron ore, you know, is on the cusp of ending,” Nicholas Snowdon said, and explained that the price will only become more “comfortable” from 2023.

The bulk of iron ore production is primarily from three countries: Brazil, China and Australia, so the disruption of Brazilian iron ore production was significant.

“If you look at the infrastructure of every nation, steel – a product of iron ore – is there. Iron ore is a building block of society as we know it. With the demand increased and the supply impacted by the disaster in Brazil as well as supplier discipline, I agree that the commodity will remain stable over the next two years at least,” Saint Jovite Youngblood said. “Commodities and markets are impacted by demand – and by disasters.”

About Youngblood Metals Mining

Based out of Monrovia, California, Youngblood Metals Mining specializes in wholesale collectibles and precious metals. The company deals with a range of rare items extending from unique jewelry and watches to rare coins and collectibles like antique toys.

Saint Jovite Youngblood
Youngblood Metals Mining
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DPM Mining Inc. Announces the First of 3 EIN Press Releases for a SMART redesign of the South32 Hermosa Taylor Project.

19. Plan Views – 20ft Spacing

20. EMT 65t Truck - Operating Cost

21. Smart – Innovative Equipment

Taylor was redesigned to optimize productivity of SMART panel mining via a triple ramp system using 65t trolley trucks and Clark open pit waste rock for CRF.

The SMART redesign of the Taylor project will use a traditional ROI NPV approach to calculate the NPV benefits from eliminating dilution, increasing ore recovery while minimizing ESG mining risks.”

— Charles Gryba, Mining Engineer, Inventor quotes

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 29, 2021 / — DPM Mining Inc is pleased to announce that 3 EIN press releases will be issued which evaluate a SMART technical and economic audit of the Arizona Mining – now South32 owned Taylor sulphide orebody. The patented SMART platform coverts mining of a large orebody to a set of linked spreadsheets using ~1,140t SMART cells rather than a series of stopes and pillars. Penoles test mining proved that 15m wide SMART panels can be safety mined under CRF when confined by a concrete roof and posts. A Golder FLAC 3D analysis will calculate post and concrete roof loading using the results of CRF test program to make 500MPa bulk strength CRF from minesite sourced aggregate. Technical risks can be reduced by test mining 4 SMART cells under a concrete roof to confirm post and roof loading. Also, initial SMART panels can be mined by driving a 5m wide drift then controlled slashing to a 15m panel width while monitoring post loading. See EIN DPM press releases #1 to #6 for technical details.

The Hermosa project is an ideal project to evaluate DPM – SMART economics vs a modern 10,000tpd mine designed for blasthole stoping using paste fill with mine access via a shaft and service ramp to a 1,100m depth. The engineering firm AMC was in the process of completing an updated PEA level Technical Report – which was posted on Sedar Jan 16th, 2018. C. Gryba meet with then AZM President Jim Gowans. Jim approved re-blocking the Taylor 100 million ton PEA sulphide orebody. The AMC principal geologist, within 1 week, re-blocked the entire Taylor orebody to the SMART 25ft x 25ft x 20ft high cell size and generated a color coded NSR table for each 20ft lift. The Taylor orebody has 80,000 red SMART cells between the 400ml and 1000ml. Outlining the red and green cells, indicates that 90% of the cells are grouped suitable for SMART paneling and 10% indicate smaller ore zones. Mining 8 SMART cells per day fills the planned 10,000tpd mill. See Image 19 for typical 20ft high lifts of SMART cells and NSR color coding.

The AMC PEA report indicated 2 SMART design hurdles. The AZM shaft design would require SMART ore and CRF to be re-handled multiple times. Secondly, SMART mines 15m wide panels using cemented rock fill not paste fill. Asarco had planned an oxide open pit for the Central Zone thus rock aggregate is available on site to manufacture CRF. SMART mining productivity is optimized when an ore truck is loaded at a panel face, trucked directly to surface with CRF backhauled to fill a nearby panel. A ramp capable of hauling 10,000tpd was required. Gryba meet with Atlas Copco (now Epiroc) and Sandvik. Sandvik was concentrating on designing tele-remote diesel and battery powered equipment. Atlas Copco had added a lithium battery assist to their proven Kiruna electric trolley trucks; this provided a potential solution for ramp haulage to a 1500m depth.

Gryba then designed an autonomous SMART triple ramp system to optimize the productivity and design limitations of 65t trolley – battery assist truck. Only the dedicated up and down production ramps are equipped with trolley lines. The third ramp was designed for 2 way service traffic using battery or future hydrogen powered equipment. Ramp interchanges were designed every 100m vertically to provide secondary production ramp access to 30m levels. Only lithium battery power is used to access SMART panels, loaded trucks drive down ramp to the next lower interchange to re-attach to the trolley line.

Atlas Copco detail costed the ramp haulage system to the 500ml and 1,000ml based on the EM654 truck. Each trolley truck is capable of hauling 65tph or ~1,000tpd from the 1,000ml. Based on the PEA $.08 kwh power cost, a round trip of ore plus CRF backhaul costs $47hr or $.72t. Hoisting 10,000tpd of ore from 1,000ml in 18 hours requires a peak horsepower of 4,860kw and RMS of 3,624kw. Skipping 555tph x $.08kwh costs $.52t skipped vs $.48t for up ramp trolley power cost from the same depth. SMART panel mining costs were then calculated at $25.15t as per EIN DPM #6 press release. See Image 20 for trolley truck costs.

SMART mining combined with the triple ramp – trolley system allows for many incremental Smart productivity and cost improvements. Three interconnected ramps reduce congestion plus allows concrete floors and trolley lines to be installed while advancing the 3 ramp faces via the 2 other ramps. The third ramp also allows equipment such as the CEMI roof system and a SMART ITH drill to be stored near the face. The SMART posthole drill can drill a .5m diameter cut thus longer rounds can be taken. The CEMI designed roof allows ground control work to proceed in parallel with face drilling. The advance rate for all 3 ramps can increase by 1m or more per day. See Image 21 for pictures.

The ramp system has to be cost competitive. The PEA 10,000tpd shaft was estimated by AMC to cost $162.3 million. The 8,000 meter long, 5.5m x 5.5m service ramp at $4,500m boosts the Capex cost to $198.3 million. A SMART trolley ramp requires $1,000m for concrete floors and shotcreting plus $1,000m for each trolley line increasing costs to $6,500m. The SMART ramp design to the 1,000ml requires 24,000m of 5.5m x 5.5m ramp plus 10 ramp interchanges at 400m each. The SMART Capex cost for 28,000m of ramp is estimated at $168m plus $35m for 10 trolley trucks or $203m. Basically the same CAPEX cost as shaft option to the 1,000ml but a much more flexible and production scalable design.

Rather than keeping the SMART technology confidential 10 EIN press releases will be issued to explain SMART mining to both the financial and mining communities. A SMART financial evaluation of the AZM Taylor orebody will highlight some of the financial and technical advantages of the DPM patented technology.

Charles Gryba
DPM Mining
+1 416-801-6366
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Abaco Systems Announces First Virtual Secure Router

VSR347D Virtual Secure Router

VSR347D Virtual Secure Router

The only fully rugged virtual secure router equipped with Juniper® software

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 / — Abaco Systems announces the VSR347D, our fully rugged 3U VPX secure router featuring Juniper Network’s® Junos® vSRX virtual firewall. Capitalizing on our SBC and networking expertise, this router expands Abaco’s portfolio from switching and network interfaces, to include secure routing. The VSR347D provides a highly optimized, interoperable solution to meet customer demands and is the first-to-market fully rugged 3U VPX networking solution to offer Juniper Networks’ vSRX secure firewall.

Customers choosing this secure router can rely on Juniper’s proven security software and benefit from Abaco’s recognized capability in the rugged SBC market. The pairing of Juniper’s software with Abaco’s 3U VPX or COTS systems provides hardened security and flexibility while making obsolescence less of a concern for the future. This router’s security capabilities include a Stateful Firewall, brute force attack mitigation, and malformed packet protect – all of which ensure data is secure inside networks while simultaneously keeping threats out.

Offered with both 1000Base-T and 10GBASE-KR ports along with the ability to expand by connecting external network interface cards using the PCIe expansion plane, the VSR347D is ideal to act as a secure gateway between multiple WANs and LANs of any 3U VPX system.
The router is featured in Abaco’s upcoming VSR8000 rugged, secure COTS system, further demonstrating Abaco’s ability to engineer a SWaP-optimized system. Additionally, the VSR347D will integrate seamlessly with Abaco’s SWE440A, and any number of other SBC and FPGA products.

Pete Thompson, VP of product management for Abaco Systems said, “The VSR347D delivers a solution to current customer pain points by providing a fully rugged secure router with the flexibility and capability needed to succeed in any environment. Moving into the secure router market while utilizing Juniper’s Junos clearly indicates that Abaco is committed to collaboration and innovation by offering the full networking solution – from NICs to switches to secure routers.”

Technical Overview

The VSR347D is a fully rugged Secure Router featuring Juniper Networks® Junos® vSRX Virtual Firewall. The VSR347D offers two onboard 1000BASE-T and two 10GBASEKR ports, plus the ability to expand this by connecting to external Network Interface Cards using the PCIe expansion plane switch. Leveraging the high-performance capabilities of our Abaco Systems SBC347D with an optimized environment for Juniper Networks vSRX to run, the VSR347D provides a strong performant layer of security for any 3U VPX based system.

More Information

Data Sheet

About Abaco Systems

Abaco Systems is a global leader in commercial open architecture computing and rugged embedded electronics. With more than 30 years of experience in aerospace & defense, industrial, energy, medical, communications and other critical sectors, Abaco’s innovative solutions align with open standards to accelerate customer success.

Abaco Systems is a subsidiary of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with 2020 sales of more than $4.5 billion.

Alisa Coffey – Head of Marketing
AMETEK Abaco Systems
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Leading fine particle specialist RST aims for maximum dust suppression with a holistic approach

Achieving the highest possible standards of dust control requires a combination of different methods says leading fine particle solutions specialist RST.

GOLD COAST, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, July 28, 2021 / — Serious environmental and health issues caused by dust have given cause for tougher restrictions around the world, with dust control efficiency now one of the top priorities for companies dealing with the movement of earthen materials.

Leading fine particle specialist Reynolds Soil Technologies says the ability for a company to aim for maximum dust suppression relies on a holistic approach to the supply of solutions, combining different methods to achieve the highest standards of dust control possible.

RST is an Australian business that has specialised in the field of fine particle management for three decades, developing innovative technologies to control dust and the movement of other fine particles, particularly in the mining and civil construction industries.

From mine operations and processing plants to the transportation of materials on haul and service roads, RST’s high-performance products, systems and strategies are being used to control dust across entire projects and operations exceeding regulatory requirements for dust control.

“Achieving the highest levels of dust control, requires a targeted strategy with a full armoury of solutions,” RST Operations and Technical Director David Handel said.

“When dealing with dust, we need to understand the bigger picture and deliver systems, applications and processes that work in conjunction with each other to achieve the highest levels of dust control possible.”

RST is a leader in dust management, which requires a deep understanding of the chemical composition of each type of particulate matter present and the elements to which they are exposed.

Site evaluations have been key to RST’s service delivery, with consideration also given to budget limits, dust control systems already in place and a company’s short, mid and long-term goals.

Mr Handel said it was critical to address the production of excessive fines upstream, particularly in the mining process, to lessen the problems created by excess of fine materials produced throughout the whole material supply chain.

“Mined material moving through the stages of dig, dump, haul, ROM dumping, hopper bins loading, transfer points on conveyor belts, stackers, loaders and transport require a combination of targeted dust control solutions,” he said.

“What happens at the beginning can affect the quality of the product and dust control all the way through the supply chain – miss or fail any step along that line, it will create a problem for the next steps.

“Moisture control is so critical as the mined material needs to have a specific moisture content. Too much and the company could be penalised because the load is too heavy, too little and the product will become very dry and dusty.”

RST’s treatments for dust suppression penetrate, agglomerate and coat fine particles to prevent dust, while remaining flexible and film-forming for effective handling and ongoing dust suppression throughout the supply chain.

Other major areas along the material supply chain that utilise RST’s dust suppression technologies are haul and light vehicle roads, hardstand areas and carparks, stockpiles and tailings dams.

RST is engaged in continual research and development and specialises in advanced, customisable solutions for any issues caused by fine particle matter, no matter how isolated or unique.

“Dust challenges that threaten the environmental viability of major mining and infrastructure projects globally need to be prevented and controlled with solutions that can be adapted to varying factors such as weather patterns, temperatures, land topography and the variety of materials and processes involved,” Mr Handel added.

“Self-auditing is also an important part of our dust control strategies and need to be ongoing to ensure optimal results are achieved and maintained.”

RST specialises in customising products and services to suit various requirements for dust control, surface stabilisation and erosion mitigation. Material type, application equipment and processes, climatic conditions and water availability and quality, are considered when delivering solutions.

RST is an Australian business operating internationally, with presence and projects currently in the United States of America, China, India, Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Panama, Mexico, Columbia, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Malaysia, Croatia, Lithuania, Mongolia.

For more information, contact RST on (07) 5522 0244 or visit

Louise Carroll
Louise Carroll Marketing
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+61 403 654 778

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Avima issues warning to investors considering partnering with Sangha Mining

BRAZZAVILLE, REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO, July 27, 2021 / — It has been revealed in the press that Pierre Oba, the Minister of Mines of the Republic of Congo ("Congo"), has sent a comfort letter (the "Comfort Letter") to a company linked to the Congolese President's family, Sangha Mining ("Sangha"), regarding the alleged regularity of the transfer to Sangha of the mining licenses expropriated from international companies including Avima Fer ("Avima"). According to the press, Sangha intends to use the Comfort Letter to promote the Avima iron ore project to investors, including a Chinese consortium.

This comes as a backlash. Aside from showing that Sangha has not secured the necessary support from investors and is clearly worried about its ability to do so pursuant to a license that is tainted with illegality, this Comfort Letter is of no help to Sangha nor to any investors looking to participate in the project. A mere letter from the Congolese Government will not cure its illegal expropriation of several multi-billion-dollar mining assets.

Avima therefore trusts that investors looking to participate in a fundraising for the Avima project under the management of Sangha will not be fooled by the Comfort Letter.

Contrary to the Comfort Letter's unsubstantiated allegations, the Avima mining license was cancelled by the Congolese Government without reason and despite substantial international investment that had brought the Avima project close to first production. The Avima mining license was then illegally transferred to Sangha in direct breach of the Congolese Constitution, its mining code and international law.

Avima has commenced international arbitration proceedings against Congo for its losses following the expropriation of the Avima mining license. Avima is claiming US $27 billion in damages in that respect or alternatively the return of the mining license. Avima has also issued warnings to Sangha, AustSino and several individuals involved in the illegal expropriation of the Avima mining licence.

Socrates Vasiliades, on behalf of Avima, commented:

"This is another step for Congo and its Government to try and force through an illegal deal. No letter of comfort issued by the Congolese Government to Sangha Mining will give industry investors the security they need to invest in a project tainted by illegality. The laws of Congo and international law are clear on the issue.

These actions have now put the entire future of the country’s iron ore industry at risk, and along with it, tens of thousands of jobs and billions of investment and development funding.

This is a clear signal that Congo’s leadership has turned its back on international investors. It shows that Congo is no longer open for business and any investment in the country is at serious risk.

This is a major blow for Congo, its people and the region which will suffer knock-on effects as international investors opt for safer regions to invest.”

Socrates Vasiliades
Avima Iron Ore Limited
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Couloir Capital Ltd. is pleased to announce the initiation of research coverage on Macarthur Minerals Limited

Macarthur Minerals Limited (OTCQB:MMSDF)

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, July 27, 2021 / — Couloir Capital Ltd. is pleased to announce the initiation of research coverage on Macarthur Minerals Limited (TSXV: MMS, ASX: MIO, OTCQB: MMSDF). The report is titled, “Miner with a Superior Grade Project, Early Cash Flow Prospects and Strong Earnings Leverage.” Report excerpt: “With clear development objectives for calendar 2021 in the works and near-term cash flow potential buoyed up by a hot iron ore market, MMS is well positioned to become Australia’s next high-grade iron ore producer.”

The report contains an in-depth and current analysis of the Australian iron-ore industry. Report excerpt: “Despite the developmental challenges and growing pains of pushing through the next generation of magnetite iron ore mines, we believe the pressures of a greener future will force adaptation in the iron ore mining industry. As longer-term demand trends cement themselves and steel mills turn quality preferences into procurement requirements, we think the ultimate choice left to global iron ore miners will be to shift to higher-quality deposits.”

The report can be accessed through Couloir Capital’s portal:

There is no charge for portal access. Serious investors and other interested parties are encouraged to download.

About Macarthur Minerals Limited
Macarthur is an iron ore development, gold and lithium exploration company that is focused on bringing to production its Western Australia iron ore projects. The Lake Giles Iron Project mineral resources include the Ularring hematite resource (approved for development) comprising Indicated resources of 54.5 million tonnes at 47.2% Fe and inferred resources of 26 million tonnes at 45.4% Fe; and the Lake Giles magnetite resource of 53.9 million tonnes (Measured), 218.7 million tonnes (Indicated) and 997 million tonnes (Inferred). Macarthur has prominent (~721 square kilometer tenement area) gold, lithium, and copper exploration interests in Pilbara region of Western Australia. In addition, Macarthur has lithium brine Claims in the emerging Railroad Valley region in Nevada, USA.

About Couloir Capital Ltd.
Couloir Capital Ltd. is an investment research firm comprised of a team of veteran investment professionals dedicated to providing world-class opportunities in the natural resource exploration and development sectors along with real and alternative asset classes and strategies. Couloir Capital Ltd. is affiliated with a registered securities dealer, Couloir Capital Securities Ltd., and an investment fund, the West Cirque Fund Limited Partnership.

For further information, please contact:
Robert Stitt, Managing Director, Couloir Capital Ltd.
Analyst Disclosure: The analyst and / or affiliated companies do not hold shares in the company.

Rob Stitt
Couloir Capital
+1 604-609-6190
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Maurice Samuel Ostro, OBE, KFO, Finalist in the 2021 Global Business & Interfaith Peace Awards

Maurice Samuel Ostro, OBE, KFO, Finalist in the 2021 Global Business & Interfaith Peace Awards

Maurice Samuel Ostro, OBE, KFO, Finalist in the 2021 Global Business & Interfaith Peace Awards

Maurice Samuel Ostro, OBE, KFO, Finalist in the 2021 Global Business & Interfaith Peace Awards

Maurice Samuel Ostro, OBE, KFO, Finalist in the 2021 Global Business & Interfaith Peace Awards

2021 Global Business & Interfaith Peace Award Finalists

2021 Global Business & Interfaith Peace Award Finalists

Mr. Ostro is competing for a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal, which will be announced and awarded on Aug. 24 virtually at Dare to Overcome.

It is a privilege to work with faith leaders and businesspeople to build bridges between communities. I stand on the shoulders of giants: this award is a testament to their vision and perseverance too”

— Maurice Samuel Ostro, OBE, KFO, Chair of Ostro Fayre Share Foundation

WASHINTON DC, TOKYO, July 27, 2021 / — Maurice Samuel Ostro, OBE, KFO, Chair of Ostro Fayre Share Foundation, Vice Chair of the Council of Christians and Jews (the UK’s oldest interfaith organization) and the Founding Patron of the Faiths Forum for London, has been an interfaith champion in business and philanthropy for decades.

He has promoted religious inclusion in the businesses he has started and grown. For example, he provided prayer rooms for all faiths represented by the more than 1,000 employees in his offices to ensure that all staff feel comfortable practicing their faiths during the workday. He has also established a social enterprise making jewellery in Burma, providing dignified, well-paid jobs to Buddhist and Muslim women and building bridges between these communities. In the UK, he is a founding patron of Faiths Forum for London, the capital’s preeminent interfaith body, the chair of Faiths United, a pan-UK coalition of faith leaders responding to COVID-19, and continues to support his Foundation’s initiative, Strengthening Faith Institutions, to assist over 900 faith institutions across the UK.

Maurice has been involved in advising several UK Governmental bodies, latterly on the Prime Minister’s Holocaust Commission, as well as having been a mentor for one of the UK’s most senior police officers. He was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire and a Knight of the Royal Order of Francis I in 2014.

"It is a true honor for us to recognize one of the world's leading champions of interfaith understanding," said Dr. Brian Grim, President of the  Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, "and we wholeheartedly congratulate Mr. Ostro as a finalist for the 2021 Global Business & Interfaith Peace Awards."

On the occasion of this nomination, Maurice Ostro OBE shared the following:

“I am honoured to be a finalist for these awards. It has been a privilege to work with faith leaders and businesspeople to build bridges between communities and use our different perspectives to deliver imaginative solutions to real problems. I stand on the shoulders of giants: this award is a testament to their vision and perseverance too.”

Mr. Ostro is competing for a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal, which will be announced and awarded on Aug. 24 virtually at Dare to Overcome. Dare to Overcome is the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation’s global intersectionality conference, highlighting the ways diverse communities support and reinforce one another to build more inclusive workplaces and peaceful societies.

Background on the Awards

The Global Business & Interfaith Peace Awards are presented biennially by the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, a US-based nonprofit, in cooperation with the United Nations Global Compact’s Business for Peace initiative. The foundation helps educate the global business community about how religious freedom is good for business and how they can promote respect for freedom of religion or belief.

The awards are held in tandem with the opening of the Paralympic Games, including previously being held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and in Seoul in 2018. This year they will be held during RFBF’s Dare to Overcome event, Aug. 22-24, 2021, both virtually worldwide and in-person in Tokyo (due to pandemic restrictions, limited to those already in Japan) .

In the short video below, the global chair of the Global Business & Interfaith Peace Awards, Dr. Brian Grim (also president of the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation), shares the inspiration for these awards, followed by brief reflections by former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama.

Brian Grim
Religious Freedom & Business Foundation
+1 410-268-7809
email us here
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From Seoul 2018 to Tokyo 2021

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Agisoft Metashape Pro and 3D PluraView monitors for 3D-stereo photogrammetry at its best

3D stereo photogrammetry at the highest level: certified symbiosis of software and hardware with Agisoft Metashape Pro and 3D PluraView stereo monitor enables best viewing comfort in excellent 3D quality.

3D stereo photogrammetry at the highest level: certified symbiosis of software and hardware with Agisoft Metashape Pro and 3D PluraView stereo monitor enables best viewing comfort in excellent 3D quality.

Compatibility of Matashape Pro with the 3D PluraView monitor certified by Schneider Digital – Best viewing comfort with excellent 3D quality

MIESBACH, BAYERN, DEUTSCHLAND, July 27, 2021 / — As a specialist in stereoscopic 3D hardware and visualization solutions with a global reach, Schneider Digital has been in close contact with the software company Agisoft for many years. Agisoft is considered a pioneer in the development of UAS and terrestrial photogrammetry solutions. From 2019 onwards, the company accelerated their functionality development for stereoscopic display and editing functions, due to rapidly growing customer demand. The 3D-stereo viewing and editing capability is especially important for UAS service providers for feature collection and in the creation and processing of dense 3D point clouds and textured building models.

Since the June 2020 release (1.6.3), Agisoft has been integrating a number of important 3D-stereo functionality in Metashape Pro to convert digital images into detailed, completely textured 3D models. While the standard version of Metashape is sufficient for basic, non-geodetic requirements and smaller projects, the Pro version is very well suited to create extensive, georeferenced 3D GIS datasets, enabling also interactive stereoscopic digitization. With the Pro version, up to 50,000 images of a physical object or geographical area can be integrated and processed in a coherent image block. The rigid 3D bundle block adjustment enables tens of thousands of users of Metashape Pro to solve any kind 3D reconstruction, visualization, surveying, and mapping task efficiently and with maximum precision.

Due to its achievable accuracy, the software is used for UAS and aerial image triangulation, as well as for the processing of satellite images. Metashape Pro is also handling the creation of elevation models and processes terrestrial laser-scanning data, where objects are directly mapped and reconstructed with dense and precise 3D point clouds. At the heart of Metashape Pro are computationally intensive and precise reconstruction algorithms for the three-dimensional calculation and display of georeferenced objects, originally captured as densely matched surfaces by image sensors and as point clouds, originating from professional LiDAR equipment.

The Future of Geospatial Data is 3D-stereo visualization

Metashape Pro is definitely one of the most comprehensive photogrammetric software applications existing today. However, only in combination with high-performance hardware components, the real-time measurement, visualization and analysis of 3D datasets can be performed efficiently and true to reality. Key functionality elements are the stereoscopic visualization, 3D feature capture and connectivity to very large GIS databases. With the dual-screen 3D PluraView displays, Schneider Digital provides the optimal desktop solution for stereoscopic viewing and data editing. With display sizes up to 28” and 4K resolution per screen, the passive beam-splitter technology provides a daylight-usable, bright and otherwise unequaled, contrast-rich display of high-resolution GIS and BIM datasets.

Agisoft Metashape Pro allows for the reliable and precise processing of very large datasets and has become an indispensable part of workflow processes for many geospatial experts. UAS systems today may capture image series with several thousand images and resolutions reaching 1cm and less. In terrestrial close-range imaging even less than 1mm pixel size is achievable. Terabyte-sized datasets can be calculated with Metashape Pro and the right processing hardware without any problems. The capability to process large datasets with ultra-high resolution is routinely used in the digital reconstruction of buildings and terrain models. A notable application being archeology, when recording and reconstructing cultural sites and assets.

With Metashape Pro, 3D models can also be recorded multiple times and displayed as a 4D time series. Due to its ability to realistically display geospatial background data together with highly detailed building models, Metashape Pro is also the ideal software for surveyors and architects. The main functionalities of this software solution are:

• To load and process diverse geospatial datasets, especially from aerial imaging and LiDAR sensors
• To positionally adjust, rigidly triangulate thousands of aerial images in photo blocks
• To geocode digital images, topographic maps, point clouds, CAx data integration
• To provide a comprehensive tool-set for stereoscopic feature collection and GIS-based attribution
• To auto-correlate digital terrain surfaces (DSM) and provide tools for editing, creating DTM output
• To adjust image data radiometrically and generate seamless, orthorectified mosaics
• To convert geospatial 3D data into various projections and height reference models
• To provide processing workflows for multispectral (thermal) UAS and aerial images
• To process LiDAR point cloud data and co-register with positionally accurate objects
• To integrate panchromatic and multispectral satellite images for geocoding and feature collection
• To generate textured and geocoded 3D models of objects and buildings

Best viewing comfort with excellent 3D quality

For the past 16 years, the passive beamsplitter monitor technology of the 3D PluraView monitors, especially in the geographic information industry, has been the reference with the highest user satisfaction and user acceptance among all stereoscopic display systems.

As a further developed successor to the beamsplitter monitors from PLANAR, very large amounts of data can be spatially visualized in the highest resolution with up to 4K / UHD per stereo channel. Especially on the 4K displays, the image quality is so extraordinary that even finely textured objects are being displayed razor-sharp and rich in contrast, down to the smallest detail. At the same time, the passive 3D PluraView monitors are particularly durable and reliable. They deliver the substantial benefit of being able to work fatigue-free in all 3D stereo applications, even in normal office daylight conditions. Due to the passive 90° linear polarization filter glasses, which require a screen each for the left and right stereo image, the 3D PluraView monitors are absolutely flicker-free and completely independent of the room’s light source.

All of the 3D PluraView models are ‘plug & play’ compatible with the software application Metashape Pro. These 3D displays support professional software applications with high refresh and smooth image motion, combined with high color depth and contrast. The reliable 3D PluraView technology from Schneider Digital is the basis for precise, stereoscopic display capabilities of the highest quality. As a stereo-capable software solution, Agisoft Metashape always utilizes the full performance potential of each workstation. This ideal combination and the compatibility of the Agisoft Metashape Pro software with the 3D PuraView monitors has now been officially certified by Schneider Digital.

Josef Johannes Schneider
Schneider Digital Josef J. Schneider e. K.
+49 8025 99300
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3D PluraView – Passive 3D stereo monitor for geospatial

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The Mesothelioma Options Help Center of Texas Endorses The Steinberg Law Group as the Top Mesothelioma Law Firm

Inhaling one fiber of asbestos is enough to cause mesothelioma decades later.

Pipefitters are at a higher risk of exposure to asbestos than most due to the hands-on nature of the job.

A mixture of asbestos and cement was used to produce roof shingles for decades throughout the twentieth century.

The Steinberg Law Group has the experiences, resources and results to obtain the maximum financial compensation for veterans

The Steinberg Law Group is affiliated with doctors around the country.

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HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, July 27, 2021 / — The Mesothelioma Options Help Center of Texas is dedicated to providing the best possible legal and medical assistance to those stricken with mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer. Anyone wishing to discuss their legal and/or medical options should call (888) 891-2200 to speak directly with an attorney from The Steinberg Law Group.

The Mesothelioma Options Help Center of Texas has endorsed The Steinberg Law Group because of their vast experience in handling mesothelioma and other asbestos-related cases. With offices in New York, California and Texas, The Steinberg Law Group has a national footprint that helps win the best possible financial compensation for clients.

Typically, asbestos exposure will have occurred sometime between the 1950s and the 1980s. Some of the most prevalent professions that encountered large quantities of asbestos include power plant workers, maritime workers, industrial workers, plumbers, pipefitters, electricians, mechanics, machinists, miners, railroad workers and construction workers, to name a few. Since the latency period for mesothelioma patients is approximately 40 years, most people diagnosed with mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer in 2020 were exposed decades ago.

Asbestos was used throughout the state of Texas for most of the twentieth century. Major Texas industries where workers faced an elevated risk of asbestos exposure include, but are not limited to, the oil, chemical, manufacturing and shipbuilding industries. Additionally, the wide use of asbestos in the military exposed veterans at military bases around the state.

Known jobsites, companies and locations with asbestos exposure in Texas include, but are not limited to, W.R. Grace, General Dynamics, Texaco Oil, Gulf Oil, Phillips Pride Refining, Phillips Petroleum Company, Lone Star Gas Company, Pioneer Gas Company, Cosden Petroleum Company, Amoco Corporation, Conoco-Monsanto, Conoco Incorporated, Exxon, Esso, Citgo, Mobil Oil, ExxonMobil Corporation, Valero Refining Company, Standard Oil Company of Texas, Gulf Oil, Humble Oil & Refining Company, Conway Oil Company, Ashland Chemical Company, Carter Oil Company, Hess Oil & Chemical Corporation, Reichhold Chemicals Incorporated, Shell Chemical Company, Shell Oil Company, Shell Petroleum Company, Badische Chemical, BASF, Tenneco Chemical Company, Tenneco Manufacturing Company, Mobay Chemical Corporation, Texas Chemical, Shamrock Oil & Gas Corporation, Pan American Petroleum, Lyondell Petro-Chemical Company, Lyondell Citgo Refining LP, Lyondell Petroleum Company, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, Quantum Chemical, Signal Chemical Company, B. F. Goodrich Chemical Company, Stauffer Chemical Company, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Monsanto Chemical Company, Jefferson Chemical Company, Celanese Chemical Company, Dow Chemical Company, DuPont Chemical Company, Chevron Corporation, Cain Chemical Corporation, Arch Chemicals, Inc., Occidental Chemical Corporation, Enjay Chemical Corpoation, Phillips 66, Equistar Chemicals LP, Gulf Coastal Water Company, Hamman Exploration Company, Northern Irrigation Company, Plotner Stoddard Irrigation Company, Texas Rice and Irrigation Company, Chevron Phillips Plastics Company, Pathfinder Manufacturing, Lone Star Industries, Bethlehem Shipping Company, General Tire & Rubber Company, Gulfport Shipping Company, Todd Shipping Company, American Bridge Shipyard, Port Adams Shipyard, Bloodworth Bond Shipyard, AMFELS Shipyard/Keppel Offshore and Marine Company, Todd Houston Shipbuilding Corporation, Orange Shipbuilding Company, Southwestern Electric Power Company, Abilene Gas and Electric Company, Aileen, Incorporated, American Public Service Company, Southwestern Public Service Company, West Texas Utilities Company, General Public Utilities Company, E-Z Tight, Incorporated, Hallmark Builders, Incorporated, Producers Grain Company, Robinson Insulation Company, South Plains Pipe Line Company, Southwestern Portland Cement Company, Southwestern Electric Power Company, Southwestern Public Service Company, Thrif-T-Built, Incorporated, Wonder Building Company, General Motors Corporation, Harbison-Walker Refractories, Forest Grove Steam Electric Station, Abm Machinery Company, Austin Electric Railway Company, Austin Street Railway Company, Austin White Mine Company, Central Power & Light Company, Frito Lay Company, Bacliff Steam Electric Station, Nueces Bay Power Station, Decker Creek Power Station, Paint Creek Power Station, Morgan Creek Power Plant, Holly Street Power Plant, Oak Creek Power Plant, Rivercrest Power Plant, Wiles Powerhouse, Bridge City Powerhouse, Lake Bauter Powerhouse, Wilkes Steam Plant, Seaholm Plant, P H Robinson Plant, South Texas Nuclear Plant, Sabine Power Plant, Roland C. Dansby Power Plant, Denton Power Plant, Cedar Bayou Steam Electric Station, Radian Corporation, Naul Plastics Company, JM Odom Company, IBM, Huntsman Corporation, State Farm Insurance Company, Steck Warlick Company, Tom Ferry Company, Houston Lighting & Power Company, Reliant Energy Incorporated, Bay City Dryer Company, Badger Company Incorporated, Dart Industries, Incorporated, FMC Corporation, Rahm and Haas Company, Oxirane Corporation, Scientific Development Company, Inc., Joe Huggins Company, Incorporated, Sun Pipe Lime Company, United States Steel Corporation, United Rubber & Chemical Company, White Supply Company, A.P. Green Fire Brick Company of Texas, American Insulation Company, Inc., Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation, Beaumont Confederated Oil & Pipe Line Company, Beaumont Electric Light and Power Company, Bechtel Corporation, Big Three Industries, Inc., Continental Cans Company, Crystal Ice Company, Dresser-Ideco Company, E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, East Texas Pulp and Paper Company, Forward Reduction Company, Foster Grand Chemical Company, G. A. Jahn and Company, George A. Burt Refining Company, Gibson Products, Inc., Houston Chemical Company, J T Thorpe Company, J. M. Guffey Petroleum Company, Lasco of Beaumont, Inc., Louisiana Supply Company, Magnolia Petroleum Company, Lone Star and Crescent Oil Company, McFadden-Weiss-Kyle Rice Milling Company, McIntosh Electric, Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation, Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, PPG Industries, Security Oil Company, Sinclair-Koppers Company, Sun Oil Company, Terra Industries, Inc., Texas Gulf Sulphur Company, Trotti & Thompson, Inc., Velsicol Chemical Corporation, Fina Oil and Chemical Company, Kasch Bros., Inc., Fluor Corporation, Champlin Oil & Refining Company, Hycar Chemical Company, Industrial Insulators, Inc., P. R. Insulation, Ltd., K & K Insulators, Inc., Standish Oil Company, Standard Asbestos Manufacturing & Insulating Company, Entergy Corporation, Gulf State Utilities Company, Gulf Atlantic Warehouse Company, Marathon Oil Company, Ohio and Texas Sugar Company, Peoples Ice and Manufacturing Company, Port Fuel Company, Union Carbide, Carbide Chemical Corporation, U.S. Industrial Chemical Corporation, Sea Garden Sales Shipyard, Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company, International Paper Company, Eastern Texas Electric Company, Atlantic Richfield Chemical Company, T E Mercer Trucking, Babcock & Wilcox Company, Dynegy, Inc., Nationwide Boiler Rentals, Inc., Pritchard Company, San Jacinto Chemical Company, Sinclair Petrochemical Company, Col-Tex Refining Company, American Smelting & Refining Company, ASARCO Chemical, Berry Fabricators, Inc., Centex Cement Corporation, Champion Petroleum Company, Coastal Jovolina Inc., Coastal States Petrochemical, Columbia Southern Chemical Corporation, Continental Oil Company, Corpus Christi Refining Company, Delhi Taylor Oil Corporation, Gilman Insulation Company, Great Southern Chemical Corporation, Gulf Belting & Gasket Company, Gulf Compress Company, Langford Company, Nueces Hotel Company, Pontiac Refining Corporation, Reynolds Metals Company, Sheppard Geiger Company, Southern Alkali Corporation, Taylor Refining Company, Terminal Refining Corporation, Thorpe Insulation Company, American Rock Wool Corporation, Corsicana Power and Light Company, Kent Middleton Refining Company, Wolf Brand Products Company, A H Belo and Company, A.F. Holman Boiler Works, Inc., A.P. Green Industies, ACandS, Inc., Acme Insulation & Supply Company, Alamo Manufacturing Company, American Airlines, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, Lof Field Airport, Angelica Corporation, Aramark Corporation, Armstrong Cork Company, B & B Engineering & Supply Company, C Wallace Plumbing Company, Carpenter Plastering Company, Certain Teed Products Corporation, Chance Vought Corporation, Clevepak Corporation, Coca Cola Company, Continental Supply Company, Corn Products Company, Dallas Dressed Beef and Packing Company, Dallas Electric Light and Power Company, Dallas Linen Supply Company, Dearborne Heater Company, Diamond Alkali Company, Dixie Lead Company, Dominy Heat Treating Company, Dr. Pepper Bottling, Dresser Industries, Inc., Eastman Kodak Company, Empire Insulation & Supply Company, Eugene B. Smith & Company, Exchange Park Company, F. Hollister Company, F.W. Glitsch & Sons, Neiman-Marcus Company, National Lead Company, Murray Rubber Company, Morton Foods, Inc., Lone Star Steel Company, Lone Star Cement Corporation, Ling-Temco-Vought, Inc., Jones Blair Paint Company, J.C. Penney Construction, Iola Portland Cement Company, Industrial Uniform and Towel Company, H.C. Green Floral Company, GAF Corporation, Fuller-Austin Insulation Company, Ferris Brick Company, Oriental Laundry Company, Pamaco, Inc., Peden Iron and Steel Company, Pollock Paper Corporation, Raybestos, Quaker Oats Company, Refractories Supply Company, Rock-Tenn Corporation, Ruberoid Company, Texas Bitulitich Company, Texas Instruments, Inc., Texas Tank, Inc., Tichenor Company, Trinity Cotton Oil Company, United Tile Company, Varel Manufacturing, Verson Manufacturing Company, Williams Davis Boiler Company, Wyatt Industries, Inc., A-B Chemical Corporation, Alamo Industries, Inc., Atofina Petrochemicals, Inc., C.F. Braun & Company, Global Octanes Corporation, Ag Processing, Inc., Coldstream Products Company, Safeway Stores, Inc., WJ Smith Wood Preserving Company, Temple-Eastex, Inc., Temple Inland, Inc., Alamogordo Lumber Company, American Lumber & Treating Corporation, American Smelting & Refinery Company, Asarco, Inc., Copper Queen Construction Mining Company, El Paso Brick Company, El Paso Electric Company, El Paso Milling Company, Ltd., El Paso Natural Gas Company, Falstaff Brewing Corporation, Harry Mitchell Brewing Company, Ingersoll Sergeant Drill Company, International Light and Power Company, Mcnutt Oil Refining, Nichols Copper Company, Pasotex Petroleum Company, Peyton Packing Company, Phelps Dodge Refining Corporation, Southern Paperboard Company, Swift Packing Company, Western Gas Company, Wyler Industrial Works, Spencer Chemical Company, Westvaco Corporation, Meadwestvaco Corporation, American Asphalt Roof Company, Bell Aircraft Corporation, Bell Helicopter Corporation, Broyles & Broyles, Inc., Builders Service Company, Bunge Corporation, Ceramic Cooling Tower Company, E. O. Gene Wood Company, Sid Richardson Carbon Company, Shaver Boiler & Equipment Company, Sears, Roebuck & Company, Premier Oil Refining Company, Minton Rendering Company, Menasco Manufacturing Company, Gorbett Bros Tank Manufacturing Company, General Dynamics Corporation, Fort Worth Poultry & Egg Company, Fort Worth Power and Light Company, Fort Worth Linen Service, Southland Tire and Rubber Company, Specialty Sand & Refractories, Inc., Superior Standard Manufacturing Company, Swift Company, Swift Edible Oil Products Company, Texas Pacific Coal and Oil Company, Texas Rolling Mill Company, Texas Steel Company, Thomas Steel Drums, Inc., Traders Compress Company, United Heat Treating Company, Viking Insulation Company, Inc., E.J. Lavino Company, Ethyl-Dow Chemical, Freeport Sulphur Company, IMC Corporation, International Minerals & Chemical, Nalco Chemical Company, Red Barn Chemical, Rhodia, Inc., Shintech, Inc., Amarillo Oil Company, Continental Construction Corporation, West Texas Gas Company, Texoma Natural Gas Company, Amerada Hess Corporation, General American Transportation Corporation, U.S. Gypsum, Brush Electric Light and Power Company, C.S. Burt and Company, Galveston Docks, Galveston Electric Company, Galveston Ice & Cold Storage Company, Old River Rice and Irrigation Company, Todd Galveston Dry Dock, Inc., Texas Rice Milling Company, Standard American Dredging Company, Seaboard Transportation and Shipping Company, Southern Pacific Terminal Company, Rex Steam Laundry, Inc., Refrigeration Service Company, A.M. Lockett and Company, Ltd., Continental Motors Corporation, De Soto Chemical, Seiberling Rubber Company, L.T.V. Corporation, Morten Salt Company, Southern Salt Company, Pennsalt Chemical Company, Atlantic Refining Company, Phalen Tank & Boile Service, H.B. Fountain Sheetmetal & Roofing, Henderson Clay Products, A. O. Smith, Aber Company, Inc., Acoustical Products Company, AMF Tubescope, Inc., Armco Steel Corporation, Atlas-Bradford Company, Astrodome, Astroworld, Aztec Manufacturing Company, Baker Hughes, Barden Electric and Machinery Company, Bas-Tex Corporation, Basis Petroleum, Inc., Bell Telephone, Belmas Company, Bethlehem Steel, Big Three Welding Company, Bigelow Liptak Corporation, Bloomfield Steamship Company, Brazonia Irrigation Company, Carpenter Construction Company, Celotex Corporation, Chaffer Company, Champion International Corporation, Coastal Pipe Company, Clark Aluminum, Commercial Metals Company, Consolidated Chemicals Industries, Inc., Cooper Industries, Dickson Car Wheel Company, Entex Gas Company, Federal Steel Corporation, Foster Wheeler Corporation, G.A. Mosites Company, GAF, General Foods Corporation, Getty Oil Company, Gray Tool Company, Grebe & Doremus Process Company, Gruman Aerospace, Gulf Atlantic Warehouse Company, Pennzoil, Pennwalt Corporation, Parker Brothers Company, Pan Am Refinery Company, P.R. Insulation, Ltd., Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corporation, Owens-Corning Supply Corporation, Offenhauser Company, National Linen Service Corporation, National Biscuit Company, Mundet Cork Company, Motor Truck Equipment Company, Mosher Steel Company, Morris A. Knight Company, Mission Manufacturing Company, Minneapolis Honeywell Regulator Company, Midwest Piping Company, Merchants and Planters Oil Company, McEboy Company, Maswell House, Mars, Inc., Maritime Oil Company, M. W. Kellogg Company, Lyondell-Citgo, Lummus Company, Liquid Carbonic Corporation, Linde Air Products Company, Lee Construction Company, Lead Products, Inc., La Gloria Corporation, Koppers Company, Inc., Kolker Chemical Company, Kirby Lumber Corporation, Kinzbach Tool Company, Kennecott Copper Corporation, Kennecott Chemical Company, Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation, Johns-Manville Sales Corporation, J.A. Folger & Company, J & S Insulators, Inc., ISK Biosciences, Industrial Gunite, Inc., Index Chemical Company, Ideal Cement Company, Hughes Tool Company, Hudson Engineering Corporation, Houston Steel & Concrete, Houston Shipbuilding Corporation, Houston Pipe Line Company, Houston Packing Company, Houston Milling Company, Houston Linen Service Company, Houston Lead Company, Houston Ice and Brewing Company, Houston Gas and Fuel Company, Houston Export Crating Company, Inc., Houston Concrete Products, Houston Compress Company, Hoechst Celanese Corporation, HNG Corporation, Hill Petroleum Company, Har-Con Engineering, Inc., Gulf Printing Company, Gulf Ports Crating Company, Petro-Tex Chemical Corporation, Pfeffer Rice Milling Company, Inc., Philip Carey Manufacturing Company, Phillip Morris, Inc., Phoenix Utility Company, Phosphate Chemical Company, Pilgrim Laundry, Pinnacle Construction Company, Precision Insulation Company, Inc., Pro/Con, Inc., Quality Tubing, Inc., Reed Roller Company, Reed Tool Company, Republic Box Company, Roberts Alloy Welding Corpoartion, S&R Tool & Supply Company, Sabine Industries, Inc., Saxet Carbonic Company, Schlumberger, Sentry Steel & Wire Company, Sheffield Steel Corporation of Texas, Sinclair Rubber, Inc., Southern Pacific Railroad Company, Southern Producing Company, Southline Metal Products Company, Ten-Ten Travis Corporation, Tex-Tube, Inc., Texas Boat Company, Texas Bolt Company, Texas Marine & Industrial Supply Company, Texas Metal Fabricating Company, Theodore Hamm Brewing Company, Thermotics, Inc., Texas Wire & Cable Company, Texas Rubber Company, Tube-Kote, Inc., Udylite Corporation, Uncle Ben’s Food, Inc., Vulcan Materials Company, W. F. Curlee Manufacturing Company, Wanda Petroleum Company, Warrior Construction Company, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Weyerhaeuser Company, Witco Chemical Company, WKM Industries, Wood-Leppard Air Conditioning Company, Uni Oil, Inc., Baeco, Inc., Petroleum Industries, Inc., Texas Gypsum Company, A.C. Miller Lumber Company, Anchor Hocking Glass, Blackburn Syrup Works, Thiokol Chemical Corporation, Boraco Wax Company, East Texas Salt Water Disposal Company, Hercules Gasoline Company, Petrolite Corporation, Southport Petroleum Company, Chemstron Chemicals, Inc., Esco Corporation, Power Systems Engineering, Inc., UpJohn Chemical Company, Textar Corporation, Reilly Tar & Chemical Company, Lone Steel Company, Danciger Oil & Refining, Inc. and Tennessee Eastman Company.

In addition, the following is a non-comprehensive list of Texas military sites with known risks of asbestos exposure: Amarillo Air Force Base, Bergstrom Air Force Base, Corpus Christi Army Depot, Corpus Christi Naval Air Station, Fort Bliss Army Base, Fort Hood, Carswell Air Force Base, Ingleside Naval Station and Laredo Air Force Base.

For the best possible medical treatment for mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer, call (888) 891-2200 so a member of The Steinberg Law Group can determine which hospital/doctor in our network is most convenient for you.

States with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Oregon, Washington, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine and Connecticut, Florida, Texas and California. For more information about mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer, call (888) 891-2200 or visit now.

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WATERCORE water softeners : Ion-Exchange and Nanofiltration (membrane softening). Which will work best for you?



Watercore : water softeners for hard water in Australia

Watercore : water softeners for hard water in Australia

Watercore : hard water treatment for industrial and commercial environments

Watercore : hard water treatment for industrial and commercial environments

WATERCORE water softeners (Ion-Exchange & Nanofiltration) reduce the Calcium and Magnesium present in hard water and prevent cement-like deposits.

WATERCORE water softeners (Ion-Exchange & Nanofiltration) reduce the Calcium and Magnesium present in hard water and prevent cement-like deposits.”

— David Garcia

EDGECLIFF, NSW, AUSTRALIA, July 26, 2021 / — Hardness in water is the sum of the concentrations of Calcium and Magnesium. Other ions produce hardness too: Iron, Manganese, Strontium, Barium, Zinc, and Aluminum, however these ions are generally not present in significant quantities and are not included when measuring water hardness.

Hardness is generally expressed in units of milligrams per liter (mg/L) as Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3). An expression also used to define hardness in the context of ion-exchange water softeners is grains per gallon (1 grain per gallon of hardness is equal to 17.1 mg/L as CaCO3).

Carbonates and Sulphates of Calcium and Magnesium tend to precipitate as hard deposits on the surfaces of pipes and heat exchanging surfaces. As a result, the resulting build-up of cement-like scale tends to restrict the water flow inside the pipes. In boilers, for example, the deposits act as an insulation that impairs the flow of heat into water, reducing the heating efficiency and allowing the metal boiler components to overheat. In cooling towers, these precipitates are responsible for a decrease in airflow through the tower and if not corrected, can seriously reduce the tower’s performance.

In general, most commercial and industrial plants such as boilers, cooling towers, car washes, laundries etc need soft water. As a result, water softeners are common in the treatment of surface and well water supplies for these industries.

Watercore design, manufacture and service industrial and commercial water softeners using two different water treatment plants:
ION-EXCHANGE RESIN FILTER: Resin or ion exchange water treatment replaces Calcium and Magnesium ions with Sodium. Basically the incoming water passes through a resin filter and the resin ‘traps’ the Calcium ions, or limescale, from the solution and exchanges them for ions of sodium. As Sodium has a higher solubility than Calcium or Magnesium in water, this exercise translates into higher water quality.

MEMBRANE / NANOFILTRATION SYSTEMS: In contrast to the ion exchange softeners, Nanofiltration softeners use low-pressure Nanofiltration membranes, similar to reverse osmosis membranes, to remove bivalent ions from water. As a rule of thumbs these type of commercial and industrial water softening membranes reject 99.8% of sulfate and bivalent ions while passing other components, particularly monovalent ions such as Chloride and Sodium, allowing for ultra-low-pressure operations.

Choosing and sizing and the best water softener will depend on a number of factors including hardness of the water, volumes of water used, flow rate required and type of application. However our technical sales team are available to help you with all aspects of design, from the sizing of the unit to the best and most practical location.

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